Thursday, June 7, 2012

Such is the Life of a Suburban Housewife

Some days are filled right to the brim
with so much fun, laughter and joy
The house is shockingly clean and neat
and my kids were nice and shared every toy.

But it's all the other random days
that fill me with a haunting dread
Days that are abounding with tantrums and tears
leaving my sanity hanging by a silky thread.

Such is the life of a suburban housewife
Caffeine driven Mom with no nightlife

What happened to my soft, cuddly babies?
Snuggled tight in blankets ready for sleep
So quiet and peaceful in those days
I miss the silence so much I could weep.

Now they are an obnoxious, loud and a rowdy bunch
I'm not 100% sure these crazy kids are even mine
Gone are the days filled with peace and quiet
And gone are the days of having a waistline.

Such is the life of a suburban housewife
Days are consumed with repeated work and strife.

My husband does not fully understand
how truly exhausting all their antics and mess can be.
Repeating the same process over and over and over again
tends to make me feel so very tired, overwhelmed and cranky.

The laundry mountain that just grows, never dwindles
The dishes that reproduce rampantly after I'm done cooking
The bathroom always smells like poop, pee and toothpaste
And all this happens quickly when I'm not looking

Such is the life of a suburban housewife
Where housework, cleaning and care of kids is rife.

I quit my delightful book selling job for all of this
To stay home and care for my kids, house and husband
I will miss all my friends so much it hurts and I cry
Of my new chosen path, I am so very frightened.

I want to write a book and become a published author
Just like SO many others wanting exactly the same
But will my kids end up making me crazy first?
Or maybe it will be my lack of talent to blame?

An adventure this may end up being
A tricky balance between all that I need to be
Will I succeed in this risky choice that I have made?
Or will I just make my entire family batty?

Such is the life of a suburban housewife
Chasing a dream while trying to be a good mom and good wife.

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