Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it Monday already?

It's 1:20 p.m. and already my day has been full of "interesting". Well, at least for me.

Tried changing Declans diaper this morning.
Took it off and then ran around the house looking for a fresh replacement.
Turns out, we didn't have any.
He was just chilling on the floor while I ran around like a crazy person trying to find something before he got up and "sprinkled" my house with pee.
I was even considering creating a diaper with towels and duct tape.
Fortunately, I located an old diaper bag and there was one left in there.
Then we ran to Target and picked up 2 of the biggest boxes I could find.

While at Target we found a snake.
Not a real one, but a sprinkler one.
Directions say to "inflate with water then attach hose".
Then tell me why the snake never filled but stayed flat while water ran out the holes.

That's when I remembered a delightful post from Pinterest.
Gosh darn you Pinterest.
I went to Menards (similar to Home Depot for you folks not from around here) and purchased $8 worth of plastic sheeting that was HUGE.
Then I used more duct tape than the Red Green Show.
(If you don't get that reference, you are seriously missing out! And Jalon-no snide comments.)
(Jay thinks I'm crazy for liking that show and the Mr. Bean show.)
(But I like shows that make me laugh and that always does the trick. I'm easy that way I guess.)
So basically, you tape up the edges and fill with water and it's essentially a water bed for outside use.
Then you watch it leak slowly when you lay on it.
I did use the entire roll of duct tape.
However, it does feel amazing! Nice and cool without getting wet.
Except Evan has been laying on it and keeps asking "What is it supposed to do?"
"This is boring Mommy..."
"Yes, yes it is. Count the leaks that it springs. That should keep you busy for awhile."

Yes, this is big. I know. So are the leaks.

Content little boy. For 2 minutes until he started getting bored anyway.

Wondering why his hands don't get wet. Took longer to figure out than I thought it would.

Turns out the snake does work.
Once you fix the problem with the water pressure coming out of the hose.
Cool beans.
Just 3 hours of effort for nothing.
Love it.
Isn't he an adorable waste of water? Fun stuff.

We purchased a new baby gate to prevent my "climber" from getting in the kitchen to cause chaos.
It is taller and has a door inside the gate that latches so we don't have to climb over anymore.
The door is difficult to use for even the most advanced adults.
My 5 year old keeps getting trapped and screaming and crying his head off while the babies nap and I fill assorted water toys outside.
I even put a jacket on the latch hoping it wouldn't close all the way but even that doesn't work against his special abilities and the doors knack for securing tightly no matter what stands in its way.

It's 2 p.m. Can it get anymore exciting?
If it does, I may need some Prozac to calm me down.


  1. I <3 duct tape plastic outdoor water mattress! Even if it doesn't do anything!!!! *and Red Green! My Mr. & I have seen him live at St. Catherine's the past two years!

  2. The water mattress would be great to read on when it's hot outside (keep the thing in the shade). And I'm the only one that can watch Red Green. My husband can't stand the show and rarely lets me watch it. That would be very cool to see him live!


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