Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our super awesome excellent adventure...Part 1

Yes. It's awesome. I have no words. So I'll just use pictures instead. This is loaded with photos.

Day 1- Grand Marais. LOVE Lake Superior! Not sure if I'll be able to leave.

 Our car ride was 6 hours up and it rained the whole time. Saw some great lightning though.
 The waves were insane today and I just love river rocks.
 More shots of the waves.

 Saw this on Pinterest. Had to try it. Took me longer than I thought to find the toes.
 Our view outside our balcony. We have been listening to the waves nonstop. It's amazing!
 Another view of our great room.
 I think I'm vacationing with a 12 year old. I can't get him out.

 Our walk today to Devils Kettle. Beautiful!
Quite a trek to the top.
 179 steps. Down and then up again. I may come home with a great butt after all this hiking.
 Devils Kettle. So awesome. So loud.
Me standing by the falls trying not to get drenched. It was a cold day today.
More Devils Kettle up close. It's the water that goes nowhere. Love it.
White flowers that were too pretty to pass up.
I loved the color of this with the waterfall in the background.
More stairs...killing me. I just want to see waterfalls but I'm getting a serious workout.
Devils Kettle from far away. Bored yet...?
Am I in Forks? Or just watching too much Twilight...
I know, a bit boring, but the color was such a shock after all the green.

If you haven't been bored quite enough, stay tuned for tomorrow nights adventures. Another hotel room and more hiking.

Now time for me to finish our movie and hop in the jacuzzi tub. See ya!

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