Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Friday!

I hate Doctor appointments that involve my children.
Holy crap. Our appointments were scheduled at 2:20-3:00.
We didn't leave that facility until 4.
With 3 screaming, crying kids after receiving 25 shots.
We were in that office for 2 hours.
2 horrible, long, stressful, loud hours.
I don't blame doctors or anyone for this.
It's life...I get that.
It's just a really crappy part of life.
They run around in that tiny office for 2 hours, with a few kids books and a space poster on the wall.
That's it for entertainment. I don't bring crap, because my arms are full enough.
They shoot through the supplied entertainment in a matter of seconds.
The rest of the time is spent fighting over the step stool, climbing under the table and cracking their skulls repeatedly on the bottom or fighting with each other.
It may be easier to bring them all separately, but that seems like a lot of effort.
Just bust it out all at once and torture the doctor at the same time.
Plus, who doesn't love to watch their kids get LOTS of shots?!?!

My sink won't drain.
It's FULL of dirty, disgusting dishes floating in gross, smelly dish water.
I lit a candle, all should be fine in about...never.
I tried running the dishwasher, because I know nothing of plumbing, and watched as my sink filled up with MORE water. Oops.
I called Jalon. He's busy working. Feel bad interrupting.
Called my Dad.
He is not thrilled with me at this moment, but may come by to save the day.
I think it has something to do with my lack of knowledge on plumbing crap.
Apparently my sink needs a snack. Or a snake. Whatever.
My Dad just doesn't like me interrupting his morning coffee with my stupidity.
But honestly, he should be used to it by now.
And I'm trying to be helpful and all by getting my sink ready for it's procedure.
I had to go in there and pull all the dishes out of that water.
It smelled so bad, I could hardly keep my waffles down...bleh.
We have a garbage the basement, still in the box.
It's so pretty.
One day it may be useful too.
(hint hint...Jalon?)

It's a beautiful day today.
I even turned off the air conditioner so I could open the windows.
It's at that moment I noticed how CLOSE we are to the neighbors.
Apparently, I can't even fart in my own living room without them looking over here.

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