Monday, June 25, 2012

My husband has me all figured out.

The mystery is gone from our marriage.
I'm no longer a puzzle to him, nothing is a secret any longer.

Jay understands who I am, encourages me to be someone I can only dream of, thinks I'm a good Mom and he loves me for being just me. In all my sloppy sweatpants, curly hair, non-showering glory. He knows where I like to eat, what I like to eat and we generally crave the same things at the same time. It's as if God created a best friend/husband just for me. I have never been so in-sync with someone before.

Jay has the ability to surprise me when he wants to, which tends to scare me a bit because he could get away with much more than I thought. I'm a little oblivious. He has the best surprises too because he knows what I love (usually books).

This may sound boring to you. Maybe you enjoy having some mystery in your life. I'm not that way. My husband is the person I want to tell everything to. I don't have to think twice about what I say to him. He knows that I need my "me" time when I get overwhelmed and I when I have "sensory overload" at times.

That's why I think he also plots against me...just a little bit. Just to keep things exciting.

He has the ability to know EXACTLY what buttons to push that can piss me off in seconds. My kids have the built in ability to do this, my husband has had to learn it the hard way. But he has it DOWN.

And he knows exactly what happens to me when I get mad.

I clean.


So I'm pretty sure if our house gets a little messy and I have been slacking, he'll come home, push a couple buttons and get me yelling. All he has do is say something like "You didn't get to the dishes today?" or "I don't have any clean socks". We will argue for 5 minutes and then I automatically start cleaning, mostly to give my hands something else to do so they don't try to hurt him.

But an hour after we argue, we both aren't mad anymore and the house is shiny and new again. I will even do things I won't normally clean a window or something.

Then he will say something that will melt my heart and I will have to write down so I never forget it.

Evan was playing doctor with Jay last night and I just had to keep this in writing.

Evan: "Daddy, where's your heart? I need to check it?"
Jay: "It's with your Mommy."


I know, so simple, so easy and a little on the sappy side for my blog post. Sorry about that. I'm having a hormonal girl moment and this is the kind of crap that happens. Deal with it. See, I go from sweet to sour in a matter of seconds. I'm like that Sour Patch Kids commercial, but opposite. I'm tricky.

This one is for you Jay. I adore you.

Ah...that face. I just love it. Even with all that creepy gleaming in his eyes.

If this is your first time reading my blog...I'm sorry. I'm not usually this weird. I hope.


  1. love it. that IS a creepy look.
    sorry, Danielle's husband. :)
    (but funny)

    1. I probably should have asked him before posting it, but it fit so well. =)

  2. Awe your so sweet Danielle, and the cool thing is I get to say that I knew you guys from the beginning, and I have seen many of those crazy Jalon looks..... and I think it is awesome, amazing, sweet that you two know each other that well, that is something I would assume anyone would want in a marriage, a relationship, a best friend and your parntner to the end!

  3. Not weird - real. And a perfect place to immortalize those moments when you get a good quote to keep you swooning for years.

    1. You are right about that. When he does something to make me mad, I'll have to come here and read this again. =)


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