Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photographic Evidence

My family is out to get me. They have formed a shaky union that has a sole purpose to make me have a full-out breakdown. And almost 24 hours...they almost succeeded. EXCEPT- because of my constant surveillance, I have successfully identified every attempt therefore making me smarter and stronger alone, than they are together.

I had a quick conversation with Evan yesterday which led me to believe something was coming:
Me: "I'm feeling really happy today Evan."
Evan: "That's good, Mommy."
Me: "Don't you feel happy?"
Evan: "We will be happy when you are all done being happy, Mommy." -insert evil laugh-

Here is some photographic evidence for you:

This first picture is Declan "hanging" around. He falls through on purpose and just hangs there. For a longer time than my arms would allow. Then he falls to the ground, slams his head, gets up and does it all again. Over and over again...until my head hurts just from watching him.

I call the next series of photos "CAR TROUBLE". You can see why.

He tipped the car to dump her out faster. 

She was not thrilled. They did this repeatedly yesterday. I have two cars for this exact reason...but they always want the same one at the exact same time. Of course. I've given up. I have tried helping. Now I just take pictures and giggle as it happens. Much more enjoyable that way. And it shows them that they will NOT win!

This next photo is Evan. He decided to wear his underwear as swim trunks and he happens to be digging in his nose with his tongue at the same time. I kept asking if he knew he was wearing undies and he told me "I just don't care, Mommy." I guess it's a good thing we're in the backyard.

Jalon is also throwing in his own attempt to make me crazy. See that Pepsi? Guess what happens when you leave it in the freezer overnight? I'm pretty sure that if you drink pop, you have also figured this out. A beautiful mess. I have my work cut out for me today.

Look, it even created Stalactites. I looked it up.

-Insert my own evil laugh here- They will not win against this girl! I'm one step ahead of them...or one step behind, picking up the mess they all leave.

Maybe they did win after all?

I know this post doesn't make a lot of sense. But work with me here. I'm coming off a wonderful vacation and haven't even finished my Cinnamon Roll Coffee yet.

And I'm a little cranky because of the mess that's waiting for me in the freezer.

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