Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not so super day of adventure...Part 3

Our luck has finally run out.

Started with an early morning hike up a trail that lead to a waterfall. The trail was steep and full of larger rocks. We were about halfway up this trail, when a GIGANTIC bee-fly hybrid from some science fiction movie, started to attack me. It was circling my face like a hawk hunting his prey (I swear I heard it laughing and mocking me). I tried running uphill, that was way too difficult, so I started downhill and that's when things when "downhill". Ha...I'm funny. I tumbled down that hill so fast, I started losing my pants, fell to the ground, sprained both my ankles on those large rocks and just sat on the ground in tears, while Jalon saved the day by slaying the beast that was trying to take my life. And then he tried telling me that it was "just a fly". Yeah right. Just a fly the size of my face with venom that could kill.

Then we decide to head to Duluth. Turns out a gigantic Marathon was going on at that moment, so we spent about 3 hours in our vehicle. Never did get where we wanted to go. Ate our dinner and rolled out as fast as we could. The crowds were crazy down there. We picked a bad day to be in town.

BUT, watching those Marathon runners come in and finish was an awesome experience. Everyone was cheering on everyone else. It was very cool to see. Inspiring. Not enough to want to run myself...but maybe watch again another year.

I have 2 pictures for today. Not a lot. It was a rough on for us. Dinner was yummy though, so it was worth the hours in the car.

I saw this on a sign in downtown Duluth. The Adult toys is not confusing to me. But what the hell is Urine Cleaner? Am I supposed to know this? Please feel free to educate me on this...or maybe I just don't want to know.

I also found a Cold Stone Creamery that shared a building with a Weight Watchers. That's pure evil. I tried to get a picture, but we were driving too fast for my camera.

When we returned to our hotel, we heard tons of loud croaking(?). Found a few frogs "talking" to each other. They were adorable.

Well. That's it for my day.

It's our last full day here. We head back home tomorrow. I'm excited and sad. I miss my kids but I will really miss this place and having days of doing nothing.

We have our fireplace going in our room and a movie on the TV. I'm going to hunt the Lodge restaurant for some dessert and then rest my ankle for a bit.

Night ya'll!


  1. ooh.. sorry about the ankles!! *People use urine cleaner to pass drug tests.. at least I assume that's the product being referred to. I've never heard it referred to quite so bluntly (<--pun totally not intended, but I'll take it. Ba-dum-ching!).

  2. You are funny! I didn't even guess weird. Thank you for clearing it up for me though!


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