Friday, June 15, 2012

Super awesome adventure..whatever. Day 2.

Today was a little more interesting. We walked so much, my legs may actually detach themselves just so I stop for a bit. We climbed 600 stairs so least. Hiked more than I care to mention. I'm exhausted!

I miss my kids like crazy. I feel like I'm missing an arm and I keep looking around trying to find what I've lost. It's great to be without them for just a few days for a break, but I really miss them.

I have more photos today. Way too many. So I've had to go through them a couple times, just so I don't overwhelm you.

I have so much to say about this trip and I have a couple blogs ready for that. But right now, it's all about the photos. So enjoy! Or be bored! Whatever works...

True to its sign. They were fabulous! Tiny, tiny place...maybe fit 2 people and a leg at one time.

Jay and I. Some nice lady offered. My hood is a little wacky, but she had a dog that was pulling her arm off, so it's the best that we could get.

 We had to walk along this cement block to certain death. Or to a lighthouse. Take your pick.

LOVED the colors of moss in here. If there were fairies or something, surely they would live in a world like this one.

I loved the colors here too. So pretty.

Lighthouse. Tiny one. No I did not go out there. I chose life instead.

I look...damp.

Husband looks cranky. That's just his face. Trust me.

Split Rock Lighthouse. I didn't go to the top of it. WAY to high on tiny, tiny, Stairs. I'm just a little scared of heights.

Gooseberry Falls. Yes, there are people walking ALL OVER the falls. I had my camera ready..waiting for someone to slip. I couldn't believe how brave stupid these people were. Crazy.

 View from afar. We did the 8 mile long loop. Ok..maybe not 8. But it had to have been close.
 At this point, I was sweating so bad I'm surprised the camera didn't fall out of my hands.
See. Feet WITH shoes! You can show your actually there, without showing nasty bare feet. AMAZING!!! ( Are you picking up on my sarcasm? Is it thick enough for you?)

LOVED the water shot. It's fun.

Our hotel. We had to change rooms. But we upgraded to a better one. Our window is one of those on the second floor. So beautiful.

Not sure if you can see, but there's a SWARM of tiny bugs that were ALL over us during a hike. My back was covered with tiny black bugs.

There are no words. Jalon took this picture...thank god. I would have cried, thrown up, screamed and then passed out. I'm scared now knowing something that scary is so close to where I sleep...

So that was day two in pictures. There are stories. Interesting ones too...I promise. I'll post those next week. Tomorrow is our last full day here.


I'll miss this place. But I can't wait to see my kids again! I'm going to regret saying that on Monday, after tantrums from Declan, non-stop chatter from Evan and crabby attitude from Morgan.

Have a good night!


  1. Yup! I forgot to put that down. It's cute and the food was wonderful.

  2. We've stayed there! We really liked it!


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