Thursday, August 2, 2012 it seriously Thursday already?

Sorry I haven't been posting as often as I would have liked.

I know that you've been sitting there at your computer, wallowing in tears, wondering when I would write my next post. It's just been driving you crazy waiting for the next Pulitzer prize winner I was going to write. BUT, alas, here I am. Please stop the applause, it's making me blush.

Anyway, I've been busy. Big shock huh? Not busy like actually doing stuff, but busy with not being busy. Does that make sense? In my head it does and that's all that matters.

We've had soccer practice. That's always fun. My 5 year old doesn't manage to even touch the soccer ball the whole time he plays, so this is always exciting to watch. I can't believe the kids on his team that can actually play soccer. Their parents must spend a LOT of time in the backyard practicing. I don't have that energy. I just throw him out there and hope for the best. So far, all he does is run around screaming in other kids faces. I have the scary kid. But, it's effective since they tend to run away.

I've been obsessively watching the Olympics. My poor husband has been watching his shows on the other TV. I can't stop. *Spoiler Alert* See this? It's a warning that I'm going to say something about the Olympics that you may not know already. MSN please take note. It's not that difficult to warn people before hand. Them bastards posted the news about the women's gymnastics before it hit prime time here. I had been planning on watching that and Michael Phelps that night. BUT THANKS TO MSN I was lucky and found out just hours before being surprised on TV. Screw you Internet. Imagine me showing you my special finger here.

The Olympics can make me cry. Michael Phelps made it, I had tears. The women's gymnastics won the gold, I was actually crying with them. And maybe clapping. I can't remember exactly, my emotions were out of control.

I feel bad too. I've been watching more obscure events because I feel bad if no one else does. Is that weird? Like just because it's not the most POPULAR event, they don't get the viewings but they spent just as much time preparing for this once in a lifetime event and no one else is watching. Well, I've got your back. You go get them! I'm at home, doing my laundry, and cheering you on! Yeah for Fencing! Go Canoeing and Water Polo! I'm not going to actually watch Tennis, that's just pushing it too far, but GO USA!

Moving on...I went to my first Twins game yesterday since 1992. Or something like that. I remember eating ice cream out of a helmet. It was a looooong time ago. Kirby Puckett was playing. For those of you Twins fans, you will know how long ago that was.

My husband won tickets from work. My Mom decided to take me and I even had an official Twins shirt on. It was awesome. And Joe Mauer was playing. Enough said.

While I was there, besides watching a bunch of hot baseball players, the main reason I wanted to go was for the food. I spend a few minutes, looking around, wondering which item was going to win a section in my belly. And then, with sunlight shimmering down from above magically, I found them. The Nacho stand. Oh yes...this was it. And not just any regular nachos. I got a helmet full of nachos. Go big or go home. Ok...I couldn't eat it all. Or even half. But I got a helmet! How cool! I paid a crap-load for it, but still so worth it!

So I took some pictures, so you could see my helmet and imagine it full of nachos. Then you will want one of your own. I know it.

*Warning*  I am known for being the most UN-PHOTOGENIC person, probably in the world. Get me in front of the camera and all of a sudden I have frizzy hair, 3 chins, 5 belly rolls, a pimple about to burst, hair coming out of my nose, stains on my shirt, squinty eyes and crooked teeth. It's not pretty.*

See? Proof. I am slightly embarrassed. And yet, I share with you because you need to see it for yourself. My husband is a lucky, lucky man.

Sadly, this one is the most normal. My husband took 18 pictures. One came out "ok". The rest-disaster. Is this really what I look like? Good god. Time to turn all my lights to the dim option.

As you can see, I'm SUPER busy. Super. That laundry isn't going to do itself. Someone has to read all these Garfield books. And I don't see anyone else volunteering to make dinners around here.

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