Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Wednesday

Remember reading about my son, Declan, the one that doesn't talk much? Today, he sang a song for me and I understood exactly what he was saying.

Never mind that the song was "Imma Be" from Black Eyed Peas, he sang and I understood him!

Awesome sauce.

Want to know what I did today? I'm a SUPER busy Mom, as you will clearly see.

I washed the dishes. They were last night's dishes that I put off until today, but I still washed them. Then I spilled water all over the place after the sink filled up a cookie sheet that was hanging over the edge. When I started wiping all the water that spilled, I noticed that my floor was really gross, so I swished the water around a little. The kids thought this was a new game, so they ditched their cereal and came down to help me by stomping in it. I think I made my floor look worse than it did, but this was before I had my coffee, so I am excused from this lazy behavior.

I started the laundry. I didn't finish it or look at it since 9 a.m., but at least it smells better. Half the pile does anyway.

I painted my project in the garage a little, until it started to rain on me. Then I quit because rain makes me sleepy.

I read a whole book. It was a Julia Quinn novel called Ten Things I Love About You. If you like romance, but have never read her, I recommend you get off your ass now and hop to it.

She's amazing. Seriously amazing. I love romance novels.

I needed some romance after finishing the new Dean Koontz novel yesterday. It was wonderful, but a little scary/weird. If you haven't read his novels either, I suggest that you introduce yourself to 2012, get out there and read something of his. Anything of his, they are all awesome. I don't know what you're reading instead, but quit wasting your time already!

I'm not making dinner tonight. I worked my butt off on dinner the past few nights and it really hasn't worked out for me. Either the kids won't eat it, the buns are moldy (only to be discovered AFTER I've taken bites) or I burn/overcook the crap out of our meal until it resembles something my kids found in the backyard. I quit for a night. Pizza Hut, be ready.

Now, I'm going to stalk Pinterest until I come up with 50 more projects that I can fill my days with and destroy my husbands garage. I had such a fun time last week doing all those projects, I want to do another week. But this time I'll probably try to conquer just 1 project a day. Last week was rough trying to fit in all that crap.

Want to see what I made today? You should Pin this project! I may be the only person in the world that finds this funny, but I just don't care. This took me forever to come up with! I'm such a genius...I know you're going to want one as soon as you see it. You'll just have to wait until I run out of butter again.

I ran out of butter.

Found a pair of scissors. Playing with scissors is fun.

I needed a home for all those Box Tops I've been forgetting to collect for our school. So I created this awesome container to store them in!
What are the chances of me throwing this out accidentally?
But I did use permanent marker, so you never know.

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  1. this craft made my heart happy. and it is probably the only craft you could put on pinterest which is actually as easy as it looks.


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