Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ok...who gave the crazy lady a label maker?

I organized all day on Sunday. The house is so pretty now.

But in order to KEEP it organized, since I'm not the only one that's puts things away, I decided to label everything.

Obviously, this is meant for my husband since none of our kids can actually read yet. This may be my "controlling" nature coming out. Who knows. What I do know is that when things have a clear and concise home to go to, things tend to stay clean and organized much longer.

Hopefully this isn't too disturbing.

I took pictures so you could see my obsessive controlling neat and thorough organizing.

I have the undies/socks drawer, play pants, school pants, shorts and sleep pants.

Declan is similar, except for the undies part. And he just has a pants drawer and a shorts drawer. Then a bedsheets drawer. Those bedsheets for cribs are tricky to fold. I just roll and shove.

I labled the bookshelf in each room. There's a tote for cars, a tote for regular toys, 2 book areas and a wood block area. Too bad that seconds after taking this picture, everything was destroyed.

Morgan has the same thing as Declan, except there's a Little People tote and a place for her toy house to go.

I labeled my new pantry. So nice and neat. I just want to sit down there and stare at its neatness.

I may have gotten a little out of hand making labels. Who knew it could be so much fun?

You ever look at your children and want to yell but you can't remember their names?

No? Shut up.

I decided I should label my kids.

It says #1 Evan. He kept asking why there was a #1 there. So cute.

Sometimes it's easier to remember a # than their actual name, so they are numbered in the order they came out. More efficient that way, right?

You just never can tell when I'm kidding, can you?

#2  Declan. He loved his name tag.

#3 Morgan. She was less than thrilled.

She took hers off and stuck it on Declan.

Now I'm really confused.

My coffee maker.

The kitchen table.

This is a proper label in my opinion.

The bathroom. I bought the sign above at a garage sale. Best purchase ever!

Oops. I had fun with the symbols on my label maker as well.

I know. I have issues.

It's called boredom.


  1. drunk label making might have to be my new favorite game.

    1. It's a blast. It would be more fun if the tape used in the label maker wasn't so spendy. I would label everything.


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