Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 4 of I'm Feeling Pinspired. 4 already?

Thank God.

This is exhausting.

Today was Crafting for my Home. I only did 2 because they both took me MUCH longer than I anticipated. But doesn't everything always?

Here we go again...


These seemed like the most WONDERFUL idea. I have some torn up, ripped apart, old-ass blinds decorating my poor house. And I hate them. But I can't afford to replace them all at once and I can't really find what I want to use. So, I decided to play with a set, just to see if this would really work. If not, I didn't lose a lot, because they were crappy to begin with.

This set is #1 that I'm about to throw in the trash. When we first moved here, this became the twins bedroom and we put Morgans crib too close to them apparently, since she ripped them apart. Giant eyesore. Now that it's Evan's room, I wanted to redo them and make them nice.

I tore them down and got to work.

The directions say to rip out some of the extra strings because they just need to move up and down, I won't need them to open and close anymore. Easy and boring. I was watching Titanic and crying during this part. I have to turn it when they start handing out the life's too sad. Then the Titanic starts to fill with water and you think of all the lives lost, babies, children, families...

Oops...sorry about that. Moving on...

I found some old curtains from our previous house that I didn't want to use again, but I'm too much of a hoarder to just throw them out. So, lucky me, I saved them and they came in handy!
I was supposed to use fabric glue. But I couldn't find mine, so Elmer's would have to work. Worked fine, but use fabric glue. Not sure how long these will stay up.

Finished and drying. Declan would NOT leave them alone! Butthead.

Some what dry and hanging up.

Fully dry and the folded look worked perfect.

DOWNSIDES: Because there is always a downside. Duh. 

1. I probably would have put fabric on the back to make it more appealing outside as it was inside. And to get rid of that "bar" look. But the glue took a LONG time to dry and the twins were driving me nuts, so I just gave up for now.

This is downside #2. Extra material that didn't really have a place to go.
I needed to work my corners a little better.

#3 Downside. My holders may not have been the same as the original poster because mine didn't quite make it with the fabric there. But I liked the finished look of the fabric there. It's probably just my blinds though.

#4 Downside: The string. It's in the back now, behind the blinds, unless you cut a hole in the front for it to sit. Not a horrible thing, but annoying.

Overall, I probably would do this again, with some slight modifications. I have LOTS of extra curtains in the basement, waiting for a project, and LOTS of busted blinds that need some help.

My second project of the day was a last minute decision.
I received this window from my wonderful In-Laws and have been sitting on it until the perfect idea hit me.
And it fluttered by and left me too fast, so I just made it up as I went along.

This was also, a mixture of Pinterest and my head.
Sounds like a bomb waiting to go off, doesn't it?

I found the window, some leftover chalkboard paint, metal stars I picked up in Duluth a few weeks ago and wanted to add a quote.

Here's what I came up with:
The window. I put the window across my husbands car frame in the garage. He was less than thrilled about me being in the garage in the first place and hovered over me making sure I didn't spill any paint on his frame. I painted the chalkboard paint on the glass and did about 2 coats on each. By the way, not sure if it's just chalkboard paint, but it didn't go on easy. The dry layer underneath kept moving around on me so I had to paint slowly and carefully when doing my second layer.

I like the look of the window, so I didn't want to mess with it. My look is very primitive/country. I wanted a very worn, used look inside the house. It's perfect.

Here's the finished product. The stars were glued on. I tried to nail them on, but that wasn't working well. And I wasn't liking the look of the nail.

So I went hunting in my husbands garage...deep into the bowels. It was spider-filled and scary, until I came across a bottle of wood glue.

This was no ordinary wood glue! NO, this was old, cottage cheese-like, gross, stuck-in-the-bottle wood glue. But I squeezed the crud out of the bottle, retrieved the nasty substance, smeared it on and stuck those stars on hard.

And *POOF* It worked!

All I had to do then was add my quote with some chalk I scrounged up.
I also will pop in some pictures so it's a frame as well, but I don't actually print those which is why you don't see any in there now. 
Now to find a wall to hang it on.
That's apparently the hardest part of the project...because I'm fresh out of wall space.


  1. oOoO. i like the "roman shades." I've had that pin sitting on a back burner somewhere, thinking that it couldn't possibly be that easy, and thus, I wouldn't want to waste the blinds or fabric. Good to see it works!

    1. It does work. I would say there needs to be fabric on the backside of some sort. And super strong glue would be required. Of course I found my fabric glue the day AFTER I made these. But this one was pretty easy. Pop in a movie and start snipping away.

  2. D-

    I liked both projects, the blinds turned out well I think, quick and easy fix and I think that they look appealing....much nicer than just a plain blind.

    And the window awesome I sooooooooooooo want to make one, that was totally cute and I want one, I love the rustic country look, I have it all through out my house and I want to make that window chalk board.... Im gonna find me a window...super cute, you did a great job!

    1. Thank you! I love the window and I'm glad it turned out OK. I was saving it for so long. I want to find more now and get to work. I love these projects.


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