Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things that I won't miss about Summer.

I'm not a huge fan of Summer to begin with. It's fun to be outside and I enjoy the BBQ's, but I can live without so many things. I created a large list for you, just in case you were enjoying this too much.

Maybe this will help Autumn come faster. Or maybe Summer will just stick around, mocking me with 100 degree temps and high humidity.

1. The Ice Cream Man. Remember my post a couple months ago, about wanting him to come so badly? Screw him. He drives by my house EVERY Sunday RIGHT when I'm putting dinner on the table. My kids are hard-wired to know that song his truck plays and all I hear is the whining/crying/pleading that comes after he drives by. Then we have to listen to full out tantrums and no one will eat dinner. Awesome sauce.

2. The permanent brown ring around my bathtub. I put a pile of dirt in the tub, rinse with water and a child emerges. It's magic. Then when you drain the brown, murky water, a brown ring remains. Sometimes the sand sticks to the bottom of my tub. It's a pain in the ass to clean every day. Maybe I should just purchase a brown tub? How very 1960 of me. Or was that even a thing? Moving on...

3. Cleaning/combing/scrubbing sand out of Morgans longish hair. The boys find dumping fist-fulls of sand on Morgans head hilarious. Then she sheds sand/dirt/rocks all over the house for the rest of the day. I've attempted vacuuming her head, but she won't sit still for that.

4. Not being able to open my windows. Ever. My husbands internal body temperature is always at 101.1. He's like a werewolf. (Yes, that is a Twilight reference). If it's 75 degrees in the house, to him it feels like 98 degrees. Windows get slammed shut and the air conditioning is back on removing any sign of fresh air from our house.

5. Speaking of air conditioning, it's been a HOT summer. Seriously. I felt like bacon for while...probably smelled like it too. I do not like temperatures over 80 degrees. I prefer 50 degrees. Delicious.

6. Ticks. Ants. Spiders dangling from every available surface (trees, my porch, the garage). Japanese Beetles. June bugs. Cicadas. Enough said.

7. Grilling or making stupid dinners every night because it's too hot to cook on the stove/oven. I miss casseroles and chili.

8. Wet kids that tromp in my house, flinging their wet clothing everywhere and then the laundry pile that grows overnight because they change 3 times a day due to the wet/dirty clothing.

9. Sweating so much that even Jay and I are changing our clothes 3 times a day, if not showering that often, just to feel clean again. But the humidity is bad enough some days, even getting dressed for the day is enough to make you sweat.

10. The sun. I need some clouds. I need rain. I like sunshine and those days make me happy, but there has hardly been any rainy days or cloudy days this summer. I live for my storms and rainy days.

I'm sure there are a ton more...but I felt 10 was probably enough whining for one day. Plus, I'm sure when winter gets here, I'll miss the sunshine...just a little.

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