Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1 of my Pinterest Experiments

Sunday was dedicated to nails. I didn't pick anything TOO complicated, because I'm not very good at nail polish application to begin with. I wanted something that seemed simple enough that most girls would feel confident trying at home. Plus, these had directions that I could follow.

I chose 2. Mainly because I don't have that many fingers. And I'm not doing my toes. Too hard. My feet are far away...

Here they are for your enjoyment:

This is what my nails were supposed to look like. Except I didn't have the right colors. I didn't want to go shopping and spend $8 per bottle just to play, so I stuck with what I had.
Probably mistake #1.
Nice, clean nails "before". Before I destroyed them...just wait and see.
Mistake #2: Not using the right tool because I didn't have any spongy eyeshadow applicators. I had a spongy makeup thing that I used instead.

Learn from me.
I painted my nails a pale pink and decided to try a sparkly color to go over it. Nice and subtle.

Gee...isn't that...pretty.
Didn't really do much. It's clumpy and tacky. The more I do this, the more it takes off.

The finger on the left had it even worse. The sponge took the nail polish off all the way down.

This is going well. I tried putting polish on the nail first, then sponging that down. Same results. After that, I tried putting polish on the nail and on the sponge. I just made a mess. There was so much polish I had to remove a finger.

Stupid fingernail polish.

I suck at this.
This is probably a good Pin too and it's just my lack of talent that can't seem to get it right.
Give it a shot and see if your results are better than mine.

This one looked REALLY easy.
Can't go wrong...right?
Wrong. Completely, utterly, totally WRONG.

I used my other hand. Already painted pink and ready for use, we set out to make a heart in a piece of tape.

I even had some painters tape hiding in the husbands hidey hole of a garage.

Except, I'm no longer a scrapbooker, so no heart shaped punches in this house. I settled for a self made scissor heart.
Really? That many tries just to get a heart? And we're off to such a good start already.

Then you just put the tape over your nail that you would like to color.

This was the only part that was easy.

Next, paint the heart.
Ok that part was easy too.
Oooh. Aaaah.
Yeah, yeah. Boring. I know. Tell me about it.

Then you pull off before it dries.
Before it dries?

Are you sure?
Well. That's certainly impressive.
My "heart" came off with the tape.
That's beautiful.

I tried again.
Maybe I applied too much polish.
Maybe I ripped the tape off too quickly.
Maybe the world is turning against me and this crap just won't work.

Part 2.
This one will work.
This one has a tiny bit of nail polish.
And I'm leaving the tape on for 10 minutes.

Oh. my.
Does this look gross?
The pink nail polish looks like skin and the heart looks all bloody.
I'm grossed out.
BUT it worked a little better.
I had to push the heart back down because it tried coming up with the tape, but it looks OK now.

I don't think it was worth the effort.
Maybe that's just me.

I guess if I had more time to waste or a weekend to blow entirely on painting my nails, then I would try doing this or other ones more often.

In my non-expert opinion, I would say don't bother.
Read a book instead.
Trust me.

Today I get to experiment some more.
After yesterday I'm dreading looking forward to it.

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