Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 6? of I'm Feeling Pinterested? I'm so confused.

Yesterday (and part of today) was a few recipes from Pinterest.

I thought this would be easy.

Turns out I was wrong.

It wasn't exactly difficult, just exhausting! My back is killing me and my stomach isn't too happy either.

I picked 5 recipes. I know, 5 sounds like a TON, but a few were really simple, so I decided just to go for it.

Chicken Ranch Tacos.
Sounds delish, right?
If you like ranch, that's a yes.

The original creator of this recipe made it over the stove using actual ranch dressing in the bottle. Someone in the comments section wrote a modification using the crock pot and powdered ranch instead of bottled. Since I had 4 more recipes to create that night, I decided to use my crock pot.

I followed their directions, here's what I used:
I even had a packet of Spicy Ranch hanging around.

I chopped the chicken up so it would be easier to feed the kids and then mixed the packets of seasoning up with the stock.

Dumped it in and cooked it all for about 3 hours on Low.
It smelled FANTASTIC.

And apparently this was a recipe for soup instead of tacos.

I strained some of the "juice" and put the meat on a tortilla with some cheese, lettuce mixed with ranch and a little taco sauce.

Tasted really good. 

Don't mind my messy table. We were already eating and I forgot to take a picture.

Suggestions if you decide to make this: Use the stove. Or cut down on the liquid. Maybe try cooking a whole roaster chicken in there and then shred and put back into the sauce for some really good tacos. The flavor is great, so I will be making these again.


I decided this would be easy enough.
Plus, who doesn't like brownies.
All the ingredients, plus I added some butterscotch chips, because I love them.

The "mix" before adding the wet ingredients.

All ready to pop into the oven!

And instead of 20-25 it was more 35 because I doubled the recipe. I was hungry and I like chocolate.
These tasted good. They were supposed to be a box mix replacement. I think they would be close, if it wasn't for all the oil. Get rid of all that oil. Use anything else you find suitable. I've heard of cans of pop, applesauce and black beans (bleh). But the oil made them SOOO greasy! Flavor wise, these are good. Not spectacular, but easy to make.

Oatmeal Creme Pies.
I love Whoopie pies, so this was a recipe I was craving!

I'm going to start right off by saying, these are not Whoopie Pies. Whoopie pies are a nice, light, fluffy cake like cookie, meant to have frosting in between.

While these are delicious, I would not recommend sandwiching them together. It's a thick, heavy, dense cookie and I felt that it would be a mouthful of oatmeal and the filling would just squeeze right out.

I did frost the tops of them. They are fantastic! The flavor is amazing and I would actually make these again, just by frosting the tops instead. Or find a light whoopie pie recipe and modify it to be similar to this one. Seriously, the filling is delicious! I didn't use it all, but saved it in a container for later. Not sure what I'll use it on, but it was too good to discard.

Glazed Donut Muffins
These were exactly what I wanted for breakfast this morning!
I was so excited for these.

I baked them last night and glazed them first thing this morning.
I only did 1 coat of glaze because it was thick and I didn't want the kids getting a huge sugar rush first thing this morning.

They look good, don't they?
They are not good.
They are thick, heavy, dense muffins.
The topping is not fantastic.
The muffin is not impressive.

It's not terrible, but I wouldn't waste my time doing these again.
Although, the kids liked them.


I had all the ingredients.
It was revolting.
I can't even find enough words to tell you how icky this was.

It was foamy, seedy and gross.
I even strained the raspberries before adding to the lemonade and ice.
Still disgusting.

Even if you have all the ingredients.

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