Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday! Yeah!

Not quite sure why I'm so excited for Tuesday. Probably my least favorite day of the week. It's a boring one, that's for sure.

I've had some serious housekeeping issues lately.

First of all- laundry.

I was washing a load of laundry yesterday and after I heard the *beep* I went down to move it to the dryer.

It was during this process that I noticed that, along with washing all our dirty clothes, I also washed a dirty disposable diaper. Not a poopy one, but still.


Not sure how it got there. I'm assuming it was just bundled with the clothing and brought to the basement to be tossed in the washer. Or my kids are getting crafty and devious on me.

Either way, I had to redo that load. I guess I didn't HAVE to, the diaper was probably clean at that point. =)

Second housekeeping issue- I broke my toilet wand thing. Is that what it's called? A toilet wand? Sounds much more magical than it actually is. Toilet stick? Toilet scrubbie thing? Whatever. Toilet wand it is.

I must be scrubbing the toilets too hard because it's snapped in two different spots.

Never had this happen before. Either I'm the Hulk or this was a crappy wand.

After all that drama, I decided no more housework for me. At least for the rest of the day. I won't be able to go that long before buying a new toilet wand. There are two boys that use the toilet in this house. I'm lucky to go one day before it needs a total hose-down. If I wait a week, I'll have to buy new toilets.

I haven't posted about my projects for awhile, so I decided today would be a good day for it. Here are two I finished most recently:

This one was supposed to be something else entirely. I was so mad, but the wood is old and snapped in half, so I decided to use it for practice. I am practicing with stencils. Since I can't seem to find any good stencils at a store, I have to make my own with the computer and an exacto knife.
Sucks. It's not an easy or quick process and doesn't always turn out as well as I envision.
I did put it in my house. Mostly because I worked hard on it and didn't want to just throw it out.

This was another experiment. I stained a simple piece of wood, taped leaves on it, spray painted it and then stenciled the letters on it.
It's not terrible, but once again, much different than how I pictured it.
I have no idea what to do with it now.
I will probably quit this process soon.
When things stop turning out how I expect them too, I tend to throw in the towel.
Probably why I have tried so many different crafty projects and have nothing to show for it.
Plus, I found a giant spider in the garage and that's enough to keep me out of there for a little bit.
At least until I'm sure he's found a new home, far away from my work area.  

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