Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm in Project overload and having so much fun!

Last week, doing my Pinterest projects, I had so much fun that I can't seem to stop.

It's a little out of control. I'm sifting through garbage, digging through my husbands garage and looking for free crap on Craigslist just for more projects.

I may be obsessed. Help.

Although, it's such a wonderful feeling to finish a project and see it hanging in my home. Pretty soon I may have to sell stuff just because I can't keep everything I do, but for now, I'm still finding room on my walls.

But if you're a friend/family of mine that happens to live close by, be prepared. I may try to decorate your home with my crap.

Here's my latest project:

My in-laws bought this for me a year or two ago and I've been sitting on it for quite a bit, unsure where I wanted to go with it.
I believe it's an old medicine cabinet. It's not bad looking as it is.
But I finally found a home for it in my kitchen and in order for it to go there, it was going to need some small changes.
So I took it apart, completely ditched the glass door and decided a new coat of paint was required.
But I still wanted a worn/country feel to it.
So after painting it, I went at it with a metal file my husband had hiding in his tool box.
I think he may start hiding things from me on purpose, because I hardly use tools for what they were originally intended for. He's less than thrilled sharing his space with me. I have a very, very, tiny table that he has let me borrow for now in his garage. But I have to be careful where I tread and what I use, or I get the glare. I'm pretty sure you know what glare I'm talking about. And just in case you don't know which glare I'm talking about, I've included a photo for reference.
That face is the one I'm talking about. This is the glare I get when I do/say something stupid.
Or just being me.
This shelf is awesome. I love how it looks in my kitchen.
It works perfectly for holding some salt & pepper shakers I had around the kitchen. They never really had a good home and this holds them perfectly.

The paint was purchased at Menards and the background is fabric I found at JoAnne's. I like it. I like it a lot.

My kitchen has a shelf that is also black that you can kind of see in the left-hand corner and it works perfectly with it.
This was harder to get back together than I thought. Pay attention when you take something apart, because no matter how easy it may seem at first, it's probably not that easy.
A hammer helped a lot.
That's a mechanic thing. When it doesn't seem to want to go together, just grab a hammer.
Or maybe it's just a "me" thing.
Whatever. The shelf is hanging up and it's holding stuff fine. Who cares how I got it back together?
Now, off to find my next project. Should I reupholster some chairs in my basement or start building the signs I wanted?
Or maybe I should keep stalking Pinterest for more ideas.
 Anything to get out of doing the laundry.

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  1. the shelf looks great!

    I laughed out loud at the glaring pic... I knew exactly what you meant without the picture but seeing it there was very, very funny.


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