Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great Minnesota Eat All You Can and Waddle Home With A Cow

Close enough.

Jalon and I ventured to the Minnesota State Fair for our date night.

Best date night ever.

We ate so much food. Probably not as much as some, but it felt like a lot. Plus, we plan on going again with the kids, so this was more "try what you wouldn't normally try with kids around".

I took lots of pictures. Some pictures were just food items. I like sharing food. Hopefully it makes you hungry.

Here's what we ate:

I started with a Philly Cheese steak. I was hungry. It smelled fantastic. Tasted pretty darn great too.

Jalon. Eating Alligator on a stick.
Apparently eating alligator makes you cranky.
 Oh wait, that's just his face.

Yum...Hawaiian shaved ice.

Deep-fried Snickers Bar. He loves these. 
He was a little too giddy in this more candy for you, Jalon.   

Mini-donuts. My favorite. I probably ate more of these than anything else.

Salt water taffy. Jalon wanted an entire bucket. We totally needed the whole bucket.
I wish it was a whole bucket of mini donuts.
That would magically fill after I finished them all.
I would need bigger pants.
Then I HAD to get my picture next to this awesome vehicle.
I'm obsessed with tornado's and love this thing!
Just in case you don't know what it is, here's an informative link for you:
This one was the TIV 2. So cool.

I had to get a photo with it because I'm a nerd.
And since we didn't have the kids, we decided to venture to the Midway part of the fair.
This is where all the fun is contained.
Fun does not mean rides, not for me.
Fun means winning AWESOME prizes at games.

Lots of people had the same idea.

Jalon knocking down some cans. Took a few tries, but eventually he won!

Our prize cow!
Much bigger now than he looked hanging up.
I mean the stuffed one, not Jalon.
I just died reading that. I crack myself up.

Trying to make it up the ramp without killing anyone.
He knocked a few people in the head but I'm pretty sure they went away unharmed.
I'm still giggling at their shocked faces after getting whacked with the cow.

Waiting for our bus, holding the heifer.
We waited for this bus for about 20 minutes.
This heifer got heavy.
He's not stuffed with normal "fluff".
I'm pretty sure this is where Styrofoam goes to die.
Cow innards.

It was an interesting ride on the bus with our giant cow. He took up two seats.
But then the bus got really FULL.
So we had to hold him. On our laps.
But funny for everyone else. 

Someone was kind enough to take our photo.
The cows face was right in my crotch area.
Jalon thought that was hilarious.
After getting off the bus, we had to drive home.
Normally, you would put something so big in the bed of the truck.
But it had rained earlier and I didn't want the cow to suck up all the dampness.
So he rode with me in the front.
He didn't fit anywhere else.
As you can tell, he didn't fit with me either.  

No, I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you.

Laugh it up Jalon, and take your pictures, but please get me out of the truck now!
I love date nights.
You just never know what's going to happen.
I cannot wait until morning and see what the kids think of it!
There's a small part of me that wants to leave it RIGHT in front of my older sons door, so when he opens it it's the FIRST thing he sees.
It's tall enough to be eye level with him.
That would freak him out.
Except he gets up at 6 a.m. and there's no way I want to wake up to a crying 5-year old that early.
Plus, that would be mean.


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I love the crud out of this. I'm amazed you got through all of that cow journey without a reference to Despicable Me's "It's so fluffy I wanna die!"

    And that philly steak... welp, know what I'm getting for lunch now.

  2. My husband was the one that actually used that reference, that's the one kids movie I can usually talk him into watching.

    That sandwich was delicious, but after looking through these, I just want more mini donuts. Like hundreds more.


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