Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3 of I'm Feeling Pinspired


Today was a mess.

A hot, colorful, sloppy, wet mess.

I have proof.


I've been wanting those slushy magic cups for awhile now.
I know...totally should blame my kids for this one, but it's all me.
I love slushies.
I love slushies with tequila and limes.

Moving on.

I thought this would be fun.
Except, I've warned you about my patience levels already.
I put water in a Ziploc baggie, about a half cup, then added maybe 3-4 tablespoons of salt.
I put 2 more baggies on it, because it was already leaking a bit.
Shook it all up, then froze it.
For a little bit.
The directions say to wait for it to turn white.
Close enough...right?
It's whitish...sort of. A little. You just had to be there.
I also don't think I added enough salt.
Tip: add more salt and freeze for a long time.

I wanted a slushy.
I wanted a slushy now.
I waited a good 8 hours and then went for it.
Plopped that slightly frozen bag into my OJ, put a lid on it and shook it all up.
I did not have a big Ziploc baggie. So I just used a container instead.
It was a "make it work" moment.

Well, as to be expected, not a lot happened.
This one is my fault.
Except for the salt factor.
My OJ did get slightly frozen chunks, but it tasted so salty I couldn't drink much.
Salty OJ isn't the best refreshment.'s not the worst either.
Like if there was tequila and limes in there.

Try it out, but try a different system.
Not sure what.
I can't do all the work for you.

I've been seeing this artwork everywhere and I LOVE the idea!
AND I just happened to get a deal on canvas and found some old foamy letters in my basement.

This was so pretty.
I loved the idea.
Except my canvas was tiny and I didn't have a full set of letters.
I had to chose different quotes based on the letters I had.
This took much longer than I thought.

I had to create some letters out of others, so be prepared for some MacGyver moves.

Before the kids attacked.
Left to right, Morgan, Declan and Evan. They each painted their own. Then Morgan went around and helped everyone else. She cried when I ripped the paintbrush out of her hand after she painted Evan's head. She kept screaming "I PAINT, I PAINT". Not anymore you don't.

I did not take any pictures of them painting.
My camera is far to precious to be in that war zone.
I'm still finding paint in my kitchen and I even put down a plastic tablecloth.
I put them outside to try and keep the kids from playing with them.
Then apparently nature thought it would be a great time to rain.
Thank you.
Morgan has the purple, Evan is the red, and Declan is mostly green.
Those are their favorite colors and they chose them on their own.

The finished product.
I love them.
Some of the letters are a little messed up, but I like it.
We're a messy family, so it suits us.

This project was a blast.
It turned out nicely.
Everything worked according to plan.
I have nothing negative to say about this one.

Did I just write that?
Nothing negative?
The only slightly negative thing-mostly just me- is the mess. It's a hot darn mess.
And it's really difficult to get paint around every letter for a 2 year old.
Most of these paintings needed my help just so you would see the letters.
But that's not terribly negative.
Just a slight downside.


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