Friday, August 31, 2012

Antiquing Adventures. Is that a word?

Today my Mom wanted me to go with her Antique shopping.

Our power was out for about 6-7 hours today, so not being home sounded like a great plan!

Except I felt slightly bad for leaving my husband here, with 3 kids, with no power.

Not all the way bad...but slightly bad. I may owe him a present.

I LOVE antique shopping. Let me paw through old crap and I'll be the happiest girl ever.

There were a lot of issues I noticed.

1. How dare you charge me $25 for a bowl when I know damn well I saw it at Goodwill least week for $1. Seriously. I will kill you.

2. I know there are some weird people out there that collect random stuff. I get it. But old McDonald's Happy Meal toys, in a bucket, at an antique store? Has it really come to that?

3. Last time I checked, Twilight was published in 2008. There should laws. If the word "Antique" is painted in big, bold letters across your front window, I better not see anything newer than 1980 in there. I was so disappointed.

I didn't find a whole lot. I'm looking for stuff I can fix, re-do or play with. I don't want to pay $125 for a fixer-upper cabinet. Pass.

My Mom didn't have a lot of luck either. She's looking for Barbie shoes. Why? Quit asking me questions.

Best part of the whole trip- finding old post cards that were used and stamped from the post office with years like 1918 and 1912. I wanted those so much. I just had no idea what I would do with them. I don't want to frame them, because I actually liked reading them. I love little peeks into other peoples lives and seeing what it must have been like. Sounds a little stalker-ish doesn't it?

I wanted to find a few things that I could post on here and hopefully laugh about. But I didn't have a lot of luck.

I found these! Skeleton keys. Aren't they pretty?
Are you asking what I will do with them?
Didn't you learn that I hate questions?
Plus, I have no clue.
I just really liked them.
After shopping for a about an hour, my Mom needed a hit.
Of caffeine. In the form of diet coke.
So we found a bar.
It's called the Busted Nut.
I took a picture for proof.
People that live in Hastings are probably shaking their heads at my lack of maturity.
Don't care.

See? See? Do you see it?
It's called the Busted Nut because it's apparently OK to be a complete and utter slob in here.
In fact, they encourage it by giving everyone a bucket of free peanuts.
And then you walk on the mess.
And it's ok to do this.
And kind of icky.

Anyone else feel the need to sweep?
In one store I found something else worth laughing over.
Once again, I'm going to show my complete lack of maturity.

I'm assuming this is Paul Bunyan.
If you see nothing humorous in this photo, congratulations, you are an adult.
My brother and I thought it was hilarious.
My Mom rolled her eyes.
It's these simple treasures in life that make living worth it.
Hope you had a good day.


  1. Hahaha so I am playing catch up with you blog the last three weeks I was playing Air Force and apparently your blog is a not okay sight, however Facebook is because it is a "NETWORKING" tool hahahaha...

    Any way I find your little finds to be just as humorous as you found them to be...I am imature as well... I was sitting here reading and laughting and my co-worker asks me if I am reading my friends blog, lol I tell her apparently I laugh while reading your blog alot beings she knew what I was reading.... Great finds!

    1. Thank goodness I wasn't the only one that finds those humorous. I'm glad you are able to catch up now! Darn Air Force for not allowing my blog to be read.


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