Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ahh..it's finally September

I've been neglecting my blog these past few days.


Because I have crap to do, that's why. School technically starts today, but for my child, it doesn't really start until Thursday. Why does it start on a different day? I have no freaking clue, but it's a bit weird and a lot of annoying.

Want to know what else is annoying?

1. Hearing people chew their food. Seriously? The only way you can get away with this, is if you were raised with cattle.

2. Realizing that the package of markers you bought was a pack of 8, not the pack of 10 the teacher requested. Bastards. Guess who will be getting a note from the teacher? This Mom. This Mom also purchased the wrong brand of scissors. I picked a Target brand instead of the Fiskars brand. I'm such a rebel.

3. Children that don't listen to you. Even after you use your loud voice before having your coffee. But you're too lazy to actually get up and tell them to stop...probably because there's been no coffee.

4. Teachers that require your child to bring in 12 pencils sharpened. You realize you don't own a "real" pencil sharpener and try to use the one that came on a box of crayons. Then curse whoever decided this should happen. I KNOW there are pencil sharpeners at school...this house uses mechanical ones. Click, click-done.

5. Children that smell like poop. Both of mine do right now, that's what made this one come to mind.

I could turn this list into 100 annoying things...but I won't.

I lack the attention span. Because I haven't had my coffee yet.

Are you sensing a pattern here?

I hate back to school and I have a minor addiction to caffeine.

I'm excited that Evan will be gone for an entire day now, but I will miss his constant chattering around here. I almost couldn't write that outrageous lie down.

What else have I been doing with my time?

Well- Morgan picked out a naked Barbie doll (that I believe is Brittney Spears from 1999) from a garage sale. I decided to dress it using some scraps of material I had just hanging around.

It was a disaster. Brittney's boobs are too big and the dress keeps popping off. Sounds like I'm talking about the real Brittney, doesn't it? Morgan doesn't like it when the top pops off, so she keeps bringing to me to fix. I got sick of doing that over and over again, so I ripped the dress of and kept her naked. Now my son likes to play with it.

I've been also crafting/creating more wood signs. My husband bought me a wonderful old door that I want to turn into something fantastic. I'm going to have to sell this crap on Craigslist. I'm creating too much crap and there's no room in my home for this.

I will take pictures later, when things actually are finished. It's hard to remember to take photos of the "during" process. I do take "before" and "after" but I forget all that's in-between.

I will try to be more present this week.

Right now I have a 2 year old smack dab in the middle of tantrum city, demanding a diaper change. I won't give in. No diaper changes in this house, unless I say so!

HA! That will show them who's in charge around here!

Sorry...I rule a VERY small world. But it's my only world.


  1. AH! God, I love your posts. I swear, you and I have the same brain. I have many of the same annoying dislikes. I bought my oldest boy a METAL ruler this year. Why? Because there were no more stiff plastic ones left. I told him it wasn't a weapon, but what the hell was I thinking? He's an 8 year old who I BELIEVE *MIGHT* share a braincell with other 8 year old boys, thus the stupidity of 8 year old boys. That's my theory of course.

    I AM a caffeine addict. I don't deny it. I have at least two LARGE cups of coffee daily, but it's half regular, half decaf. That's how I justify it.

    LOVE your story about naked Brittany. That's just fabulous. Sounds about right in my world as well.

    Not only do I have my own three for two weeks alone at a time while my husband works out of town, in my infinite wisdom, I offered to take on two more boys, (1 and 8) for extra cash. Well, it will work in my favour because I send the two boys and Olivia to school (She doesn't start school til Thursday either...staggered start to Kindergarten) and then at nine, I will put the toddlers to bed (my Grady and Markus) and then have two glorious hours to myself to do as I wish. How marvellous that will be!

    Okay...well good luck with school you REBEL! I'd have gotten the Target brand too. I don't know what brand I bought Logan, but thankfully we have a male grade 3 teacher this year and he was less than specific than last year's teacher. This year, our school supply list said "20 duo tangs, assorted colors". Last year's said "5 duo tangs, red, orange, blue, green and yellow". I spoke a mom who went to six different stores to find all the colors she needed for her school and they RETURNED some of them the end of the year! Sheesh...

  2. Apprently, I'm "unknown". it's Shevaun, from Facebook. LOL

  3. hahhahahaha at "now my son likes to play with it".

    You, my dear, are hilarious.


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