Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Confessions for Wednesday

I have a few things I would like to admit...because I feel like we're friends now.

After you read these, you may or may not want to be my friend anymore.

Some days, when I'm really gross and I have to go out in public,
I put on workout clothes and try to act as if I came from the gym.
I even walked to the school to pick Evan up so I could work up a really good sweat.
More realistic that way.

Halloween is coming up, which means I get to watch some of my favorite movies.
Are they super scary ones?
Not even a little.
I get nightmares too easily.
I like Halloween Town, Casper and Hocus Pocus.
Yes...I know, say what you will.
Don't care.
My husband doesn't need me jumping up and alerting him to every noise I hear while I imagine that we're under attack or a rogue alien came by for a random abduction.
I do this often enough.
Add a scary movie and now we're sleeping with the lights on, TV on and I'm sleeping in the middle of the bed with a stick in my hand.
Fruity Pebbles is my favorite cereal.
It's also Evan's favorite cereal.
I constantly tell him we are out of it so it lasts longer.
I'm such a bad Mommy.
Same goes for the ice cream though.
All mine.
I share...sometimes.

When I'm cleaning the house, I tend to do it in shifts.
And in between those shifts I reward myself.
I give myself 15 minute breaks to read chapters from my book.
It takes longer for me to get things done, but I deserve a present.

Apparently Evan and I both are sleepwalkers.
I take care of the kids in my sleep or shut doors that are open.
He tries to use the laundry chute as a toilet in his sleep.
I caught him just in time.
I'm shuddering while I wonder how many times I didn't catch him.

I've already watched Polar Express because I like Christmas.
And the movie is so cute I get teary while watching it.
I'm a bit of a mess.
Christmas starts early in this house.
Maybe not decor wise, because I'm lazy, but music and movies start in October.

I'm already putting up Halloween decor.
It's my favorite holiday.
I like to make it last as long as possible.

I'm also anxious for cold weather.
I think that if I make chili and cookies, I'm going to bring the cold weather here quicker.
I don't care that it's 95 degrees outside!
I'm making a pot roast and wearing my fall sweater!

I think my family is getting sick of my Harry Potter obsession.
I will watch it whenever it's on.
No matter how many times I've seen it before.
I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone 3 times in a row yesterday.
It was on HBO all day so it's not just my fault.

I like to talk with accents.
I'm really bad at it and get stuck on them easily.
Drives Jay up the wall.
Therefore, I will never stop trying.

I never shave above the knee.
Why bother?

Did I gross you out with that one?
I had to put something interesting in here.
Confessions aren't truly interesting unless it's something you don't really want people to know.
But I'm a little boring.
This is really all I have.

At least your not stuck with me, like my poor husband.
He's trapped.



  1. never one is so stealth. I do it all the time, too. I'm always at the grocery store late at night in gym clothes and a headband, haha.

  2. I think if I showered before I went to the grocery store, no one would know who I was.


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