Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School?

You would have thought I said first day of your 90 day sentence in Prison from all the tears he had streaming down his face.

It was Evans first day of Kindergarten today.

They had a story time, where parents could stay and share a story with their kids. We read the Kissing Hand and apparently that was my sons cue to start sobbing.

He went to school last year and survived.

He knew what was going to happen this year and was very excited about it....until that moment. No matter how strong you believe you are, you are not strong enough to waddle through the tears of a child that believes he's being abandoned. Not without a few of your own being shed. I had to run out of that room the second the teacher distracted him.

If I had stayed one second longer, I would have dragged him back home and started a new home school curriculum. We don't need that to happen. This Momma likes a few hours of free time and that boy needs some friends so he doesn't turn into the hermit-people phobia that I've become.

Evan will be there all day this year. I'm so darn excited. I even packed him a special lunch.

I'm more excited about packing a lunch than anything else.

You ever have those moments, when you think, "this is the moment when I feel like a real Mom".

I've had a few of those. Like when you get thrown up on the first time. Or when you fix a really bad, bloody, boo-boo.

Packing a lunch has been one of those moments for me.

Not sure why, but it was so cool! I packed him a cute sandwich, Cheeto's (his favorite), yogurt, juice and a brownie.

Now that I think about it, I hope he can get the brownie open. How crappy would that be? "My Mom gave me a brownie, except I can't get it out of this tightly glued package."

That would suck.

I am excited for him, because I know he's going to have a blast. But I still feel like I'm missing an arm. I hope I can remember to pick him up.

That would be a crappy Mom moment. Not that I haven't had many of those before, but I'm going to try to stick with ones that will be less traumatizing for my kids. He had a hard time letting go this morning, the last thing I need to do is reaffirm his fears that I won't be coming back for him.

I have to make this short. My daughter is throwing a HUGE fit because the darn tiara won't stay on her over-large head. We can't help it....special tiaras will need to be made for these noggins.

I did take a First Day of School picture but I'm way to lazy to get the SD card and put it on here. I'm sure you all either have your own kids or have Facebook and friends/family that have kids going to school. Use one of those as an example, except throw in a half-crazy smile and a dirty face.

Draw on some tears and *poof* my kid.

Coffee time. Gotta go!


  1. aaaaaaand now I want cheetos. awesome.

    hope the little guy had fun!

    1. He did. The teacher bribed him, so I'm pretty sure that helped.

  2. Okay so like I said yesterday I am playing catch up so you may never even read my responses but here I go anyway..... so first of all I have many mom moments good and not so good, to include me reading your post and telling all that you made Evan a speacil I read that I get that sick feeling in my stomach as I realize I sent my daughter to school this a.m. "WITHOUT" a lunch.... what the hell so not mom of the year. So I call the school to make sure and let her know she will have to eat school lunch today, which she "HATES" she is so my kid, she likes the same thing everyday for lunch peanut butter and nutella sandwich, plain lays chips, a pudding cup or a frozen gogurt a piece of fruit and a caprisun, every freaking day so now her day will go down hill cuz she will have to eat school lunch, so sorry Hailey Bug!

    Oh yeah and the tears thang, ummmm yeah she has never shed a tear we are in the 2nd grade now, yep every year she sprints off to her new class where she will be most of her day, and I sadly wipe tears away as they sting at my eyes becasue my baby leaves me happily and doesnt think twice about how I feel and that I will be lost without her for the day, good thing I work now to distract me.... but I sadly leave my kids everyday to go to work and my heart breaks everyday as I drive away. I have also forgot to pick her up from school once or twice a sad sad day the worst feeling ever.

  3. I wish my son would eat the lunch I give him. It's a pain to have him come home with a lunchbox that looks identical to the one I sent him to school with.

    I think it shows you've done a good job, when they can leave you well. She's independent and my son is finally showing signs of being more independent, which is a huge relief!

    And I probably will forget to pick him up. It's only day 4 of school..give me time. =)


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