Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Poor, Poor Husband.

I feel bad for him. I really, really do.

He's stuck with me for a wife.

I'm an OK cook. I clean and raise our kids to the best of my abilities. I wash somewhat regularly.

But there's a downside to all this beauty. Every girl has at least one downside, right? If you don't you're a liar...pants on fire.

My downside?

As if you don't know already.

I'm a Crafter.

(I only have 1 downside. The rest is perfectly normal.)

If my husband would have known this before we were married, he probably would have run away, screaming. I'm pretty sure he wants to do that now, but we have 3 kids to raise and that takes an entire village. That, plus the threats of me hunting him down and maiming him, make him stay nearby.

It started out simple.

I've always been a "crafter". I like working with my hands and creating stuff out of nothing. I used to do "nice" things, like scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an expensive, hot mess. I enjoyed doing it, but there's SO MUCH CRAP! And it gets EVERYWHERE!

Maybe your wondering why I consider scrapbooking "nice". Because it requires nothing of my husband. No help, no time and no garage space. I wasn't sharing his tools when I was scrapbooking. He was happier then.

I dabbled in paints for awhile too. Nothing overwhelming. Then came quilting. A little more money spent (on a sewing machine) and some more time spent (cutting all those little damn squares). And more time spent learning the craft from my ever-so-patient mother. I make a complete and utter mess when I sew as well. I took over our dining room for my sewing projects because it had the big table and we never used it for eating. Probably because I always had sewing all over it.

Then, I decided to do some home decorating and made my first son a nursery from scratch. Took forever and nothing worked out as planned. After that was crafting for his first Christmas. I made sock monkeys and a furry monster hand puppet. That monster hand puppet was the most awesome thing I ever made. But it took too long, so never again.

We moved into a smaller home, made less money and I started doing more sewing. Like making my own shopping bags (disaster).

As a birthday gift, my husband bought me lessons so I could learn how to do Stained Glass. begins at last! I LOVE this! Turns out, this is time consuming and costs quite a bit of money. Also uses lead, so I can't use this around my kids. But I did create some gifts out of this. I still enjoy doing it, but it requires me to be alone in the basement for long periods of time and life isn't quite allowing that to happen right now.

Technically, looking back, it could have been MUCH worse! Take this for example:
Crazy talk.
I almost want to get a cat, just so I can do this.
But I'm scared of the divorce papers that would come right after this purchase.

So I've decided to take over his garage with crafts. That way I can hang out in there, while the kids play outside.

My poor, poor husband. He's actually making me a special spot out there. Just for all my crap. Mostly so I won't make a mess of his area anymore, but how many husbands would do that? I'm very excited to have an area all my own. I feel special.

Now all my crap will be contained to one area. It's a tiny area, but it's mine.

Now Morgan has a Barbie doll. A naked one. So I've had to sew her clothes. Crappy ones. Big, ugly disasters. But it's a new project I'm determined to conquer and that's been taking up small bits of my time.

And last night I've discovered a new part of my favorite crafting website that I just LOVE! It's dollhouses! I've been obsessed with miniatures for quite some time. My Mom even bought me the beginnings of a dollhouse bakery (plus the clay so make my own food) and I have some furniture I found secondhand that I've been saving.

Here's the link, if you're curious: As a warning, whatever crafting desires come out of you after looking at this site, are not my fault. This site has caused 90% of my crafting urges and will more than likely do the same to do, if you carry this disease.

What I LOVE about these projects is that people are being uber-creative and using what materials that have in their homes. It's amazing what you can make out of cardboard, glue and imagination!

I love when I find a new project, get all excited and want to get started right away.

I always feel bad for my husband at this point. Because I will get sucked into this, go crazy for about a month, then ignore it or find something that frustrates me about it and the passion will dissipate. Then there's money wasted and an unfinished disaster that will go untouched for long periods of time while I move on to the next thing.

But he's always there for me! He's always helping me, giving me ideas and never puts me down for this "disease".

Right there is the reason I would marry this man again. I know I've mentioned this before, in previous posts, but he really is the best person for me. He's my match.

Now that I said something super nice and loving, can I get a dollhouse Jalon?

I'm kidding...I'm still playing in the garage.

For now.

(Cue dark music and evil laughter)


  1. you're so adorable with your crafting love.

    and that cat hair craft book.... WTF?

  2. I couldn't believe the cat hair book either. I may be a crazy crafter lady, but if I ever get to that point, please take me down with tranquilizers.

  3. Wow. so... that's my life in a nutshell. My "convert dining room set to outdoor patio set" project has invaded the garage, and I'm nto at a point of motivation that I see it being finished anytime soon... poor Fiance. But the stuff I do finish he loves! I like to think your hubby does too.

  4. Amen to patient husbands/significant others who can handle our crafting projects.

    1. He is pretty patient. He puts up a fuss when I start something new, but before long, he's buying me stuff to help me out.


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