Monday, August 6, 2012

The Clearing of the Crap

I think I had a bug yesterday.

A big fat cleaning bug. Or maybe I just consumed WAY to much caffeine. How much is too much? Is it a pot of coffee? Tossed with with Crystal Light Energy Packets? MaYbE some PoP? NOT Sure BUt I LoVE Caffeine. Jalon tells me I have a problem...I don't see a problem. NotevenonelittleproblemnosireeIjustreallylikecaffeine.

We were going to potty train the twins but discussed it and decided they were just not ready. Or maybe we're just not ready. Unsure at this point. Plus, I just LOVE spending LOTS of money on diapers!

So, rather than waste a beautiful Sunday playing outside and doing fun stuff with my kids, I cleaned from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

My poor house needed it. I'm going to tell you what I did all day. Just in case you were wondering. And because I'm slightly curious as to what took me so long.

1. Washed all the windows (inside and out).
2. Laundry (washed and put away).
3. Picked up/Organized kids rooms.
4. Vacuumed every room in the house (except mine).
5. Mopped kitchen and bathrooms.
6. Dusted living room.
7. Moved my upstairs pantry down to the basement.
8. Found sugar ants invading my basement pantry.
9. Cleaned entire basement pantry and all items.
10. Filled 2 giant garbage cans and extra box of garbage with crap and ant infested food.
11. Cried after throwing away ant infested food.
12. Cursed ants forever and vowed a lifelong vendetta against them.
13. Cleaned bathrooms.
14. Cleaned the kitchen.
15. Organized my basement pantry after Jay bought a new shelf for me.
16. Cleaned out/organized Evans dresser. (ew).
17. Cleaned/organized 3 kitchen cabinets.

Whew. My back is killing me. Then after 8:30, I went through ads and coupons until 10 p.m. After all this, I crashed into bed and slept like the dead.

I wish I could say that I have nothing to do today. But that will never happen. Not with 3 kids following behind me and creating joy and disaster in one single swoop.

I am going to work on my bedroom today and go through my bookshelf to *gasp* get rid of books.

My fingers are forever wrinkly and smell like Febreeze, Mr. Clean, bleach and Lysol wipes.

Add a splash of Windex, sweat and anxiety and you have the Stay-at-Home Mom Perfume- sold at all Walmarts for $2.99. Guaranteed to warn all single men that you are indeed taken, if they weren't alerted by your frizzy bun, yoga pants with stains and screaming children clinging to your legs. Your welcome!

Guess it could be worse. I used to smell like old breastmilk, vomit and despair.

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  1. Before you sell the books to half price or somewhere, list them out! Maybe others would buy them from you.


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