Friday, April 12, 2013


Today I'm going to announce the winner of my super-duper, awesome giveaway!


ASortor is the winner!

And I will lead off on that note with a little posting regarding the winner:


1. a person's relatives collectively; kinfolk; kin.
2. a group of persons related to another; family, tribe, or race.
3. relationship by birth or descent, or sometimes by marriage; kinship.
4. natural relationship; affinity.
(Thank you

ASortor is my sister-in-law that lives in Arizona. I didn't know she kept up with my blog =). Not because we don't get along or anything, but mostly because she's a very busy girl.

I did not ask permission before writing about her, so I'm going to keep this pretty brief. Since she's family, she kind of falls under the category of "if your related to me, you may end up on the blog without my asking first".

When I first met her, my husband (who was not my husband at the time) warned me that we would either become best friends or hate each other. Our personalities were fairly close to being identical.

I was so darn nervous. I really wanted to make a good impression on her, but I'm kind of shy. I can't remember the exact moment we met, but I do know we hit it off right away. I knew that I met someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We had so much in common (except for her love of seafood-that might be a deal breaker for me.) that we never run out of things to talk about.

We are kindred spirits. When we are together, it's as if I've known her forever. No matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, I feel comfortable with her. She's my sister that just happens to not be related by blood and lives miles away from me.

She asked for some videos of my kids as her special surprise. Not sure why anyone would ever want to see my kids act nuts, but I took a few this morning, just for her.

Declan getting ready for school.
He's impossible to talk to. All he wants is the bus.
Morgan was having fun with us this time.
This one was taken a few weeks ago.
The love to dance.
And they love to make me laugh.


  1. I'm totally jealous! My sister in law loves me, but she's CA-RAY-ZAY! (And not in the fun way.)

  2. That's awesome! My sister in law is a sweetheart. So lucky!

  3. That's great to have such a bond with your sister-in-law.

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  5. I won something! I never win lottery type items! Between that and the really nice things you said about me, you made my day.
    That's pretty funny how Jay warned you about me. Didn't we meet at the dunes? (I miss the dunes) You forgot to mention one other difference- my love of cruises and your refusal to give it a shot!
    I wish we lived closer- think of the book sharing, game playing, cooking fun we would have!
    Loved the videos, your kids are adorable. You should make a habit of that. We need to skype one of these days so the kids can remember what we look like!

    1. Oh yea, I almost forgot- I read your blog all the time. I laugh out loud frequently and I share it with random people because I want to share the fun. The girl who cuts my hair knows a lot about you!

    2. Oh Amber, I miss you! I did forget about the cruise. It must have been the dunes, Thanksgiving 2002, I'm thinking.

      Like I said, if we lived closer together, we would never be apart. I'm thinking it could be a hazard.

      And I'm glad you like my blog. =) I never knew and thanks for sharing!

  6. Great post, sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your sis in law. Mine was in fabulous too.

    Now following :)

    The Tales of Me

  7. Forgot to say, your kids are so cute!

  8. That is so great that you and your sister in law have such a close relationship! It is very special to have that as I am sure you know.


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