Saturday, April 6, 2013

Funny. Even if it's just funny to me.

I decided to make F- for Funny today!

There are days I wouldn't trade my family for anything.

Then we have these days:


My Mom was talking about how she's going on a cruise this summer and
will be sleeping in a twin sized bed.
I said something like, "Twin sized beds are sooo tiny! My butt needs a queen."
She decided to be "funny" (Warning: if you laugh at this, we can no longer be friends) and said, "Your butt is flat and wide, you would probably be just fine if you slept on your side all night."
Thanks Mom. Thanks for all the love.
I told you I would put this in my blog.
This will show you not to mess with me...I have writing power.
Yesterday, my daughter had a slight cold and was very, very cranky.
And super, super clingy. Like a gray hair that makes you crazy but won't stay down.
(I tried using extra emphasis on very and super by doubling them...hope you got that.)
Because of this, I didn't get a ton done in regards to the housework.
My husband came home a little early yesterday and I panicked.
I thought for sure I had more time to get things done!
I sprinted off the couch, ran to the basement to check on the kids (don't ask*)
ran back up the stairs, just as he walked through the door.
"Hi honey! Howwasyourday!"
"Fine...why are you out of breath?"
"I just down the up from the downstairs to check on our kids and cleaning..."
"Are you OK?"
"I'm not really sure anymore..."
"You're not cleaning are you?"
"Noooo...not really. But it kind of sounded like I was, didn't it?"
Maybe if I pulled that while I was on the phone, it would have been more believable.
But since he could see the evidence of my slacking off all around him,
I don't think he bought it.

My son also has moments that he can crack me up. He just turned 6, so everything out of his mouth is humor gold. I should just carry around a microphone. That stuff would get published for sure.
Or maybe it's just because I'm his Mom.
Here's what happened when I picked him up from school the other day:
Evan: "Mommy, today was AWESOME!" He bounced into the car with the biggest smile on his face.
Me: "That's cool! What made it so awesome?"
Evan: "We were playing outside with these ice things and the girls tried to steal them all. But then I chased them until the girls dropped one, so I took it back."
Me: "Way to go buddy."
Evan: "Yeah, BOYS RULE!"
Me: "Woo-hoo! Sure they do!"
Small space of quiet...
Evan: "Except, why do girls always win?"
Me: "Uhhhhh...." Not sure how to answer this one, but laughing on the inside.
 And a little on the outside.
Evan quietly whispers, "But I won that time."
Happy Saturday!
*Going to point out, because I just realized how bad that sounded, that I don't keep my children in the basement. It's winter in Minnesota and they have a trampoline and lots of toys down there, in a fairly safe environment. I promise. 


  1. LOL! That is really funny! aren't little kids the best!?!

  2. Cleaning is overrated anyway ;].

    1. I happen to agree with you. My husband, however, is upset due to his lack of clean clothing.

  3. I love what little ones say! I have nieces and nephews and they say the funniest things!

  4. When my son (who is 12) makes comments like "Girls always get what they want..." or "Girls never just say what they mean...," my husband looks at me and tells him, "You should probably just get used to that."

    1. That's hilarious! When my husband read my blog post, he just rolled his eyes and said Evan's spending way to much time with me.

  5. Giving Evan a long distance high-five for that classic line. Welcome to The Struggle little buddy.

    1. Haha! Kids are funny and I can't wait to share this with him when he's older.


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