Thursday, April 4, 2013


This A to Z challenge is most definitely challenging. I had a hard time coming up with D as well, so if this post sucks, just know that it can only get better from this point.

I decided D for today, could be for me.

Yeah, that's right. I can be special too.

I was starting to write about myself, but couldn't think of a whole lot that most don't already know or haven't figured out already. I'm just not that mysterious. I've known people that have looked up their names on Urban Dictionary for some entertainment, so I decided to head over there to look up my name and see how I'm defined. Here's the link, in case you are also interested in doing the same:

And, before you read these and get all huffy about spelling and the errors, just know that I copied and pasted from the above website. I did not fix what others wrote. It takes me long enough to fix my own errors. I needed to shower at some point.

Here's the first definition:

Danielle: A.)Traditional; Feminine form of Daniel, meaning 'Judged only by GOD.' B.) Intense, firey female Possessing ability to affect person, place, and immediate surrounding environment. Frequently manifesting such conflicting extremes that the outcome is typically one of lucidity or confusion. The conflict(s) can occur consecutively, concurrent or separate. Other characteristics of Danielle are; abundance of curly locks of hair (red?), kalidescope eyes, descernible voice capable of pitch, tone and volume that cracks Ice, shatters glass, and renders those in ear-shot stunned for moments, Danielle is synonymous with Tardy i;e, NEVER EVER, ever on time generally DST (Danielle Standard Time) run's within a 3 hour conversion =/- ( due at 2 pm will not arrive prior to 2:30 PM but usually by 5PM or somewhere in between)
'DANIELLE' your mostfearless, strong and loyal friend for life, or your most feared,

What? I do have curly hair, but I'm always, ALWAYS, on time, if not early. Thank you Air Force. And I actually have the most FEARS ever. My therapist tells me it's just my anxiety getting out of control, but my fear of heights and fear of the ocean are fears I hope I never conquer. Although, the voice that can shatter glass? That's me.

I wanted to put the first definition on here and the last one. BUT the last one is WAY to filthy for my blog. Seriously filthy. There are a total of 66 definitions to choose from on there, so I asked my husband to pick four numbers out and I just hoped that 2 or 3 of them would be OK for my site. Although, I'm not so sure I can be defined by a website. I think I'm that special.

Here was #57 from that site.

Danielle: a word used to describe a high amount of anger.

Very pleasant. Lovely. I sound adorable and cuddly. Bet my husband is nodding his head right now and thinking, "Yup...that's her." I make your dinner, Jalon. Remember that.

And now, #44:
Danielle: a lady who is very artistic loves helping people and smiles even though she goes through a lot in life...she always helps anyone in need..very friendly and goofy loves doing donuts in her car and scaring her sister if she has one lol likes to be independent but loves the company of a man favorite color is purple loves gold jewelry and can usually be found in the southern part of the united states
Donuts in my car? Unless it's eating donuts in my car, this isn't me. Plus, living in Minnesota kind of ruled this one out.


Last one, #23:
Danielle: The most loyal best friend you could have; the most reliable and dependable person you could call upon. She's not egotistical at all and always puts others before her, sometimes resulting in drawbacks. Smart, intelligent and tall. With very curly hair. Danielle is incredibly profound but has a sharp tongue and wit like no other. Often Danielle's like Blue Millions and cups of tea. They are also normally very tall with lovely figures. However they do not sometimes see the reflection in which others view them, they tend to put themselves down when those who love them see them to be far more incredible than they realise. Danielle is the best friend you could ever have and someone you will want to hold onto. Once you've found her, you never want to lose a friend in her. As she is without a doubt the best.
That's IT! Smart and intelligent sound like they might be the same thing...who cares! I will take it!

I had no idea what Blue Millions were ( I googled them, look like tiny balls of blue candy?) or what cups of tea have to do with my personality, but it doesn't sound bad. Moving on...

Very curly hair? Check! Lovely figure? Sure, why not, check! Loyal best friend? As long as I don't have to share my donuts, sure! Check!

Apparently I can be defined by the Internet.


  1. Danielle, if I may be so bold as to address you by first, and well defined by some, name,
    I loved this post. I must go to there ... and see if I might be so well-defined by the Internet! I may have to cross out a few before I find what I like, also!


    1. I couldn't believe how many were on there. Plenty to choose from, I'm sure, so have fun!

  2. Cute post, very enjoyable and entertaining:)

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I had no idea that Urban Dictionary did people's names. I threw mine in there and think I could have a lot of fun and a great blog post out of what I found.

    Dropping by from A to Z. First year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed nonconformist

    1. Yeah. It was quite funny to see what people put on there. Have fun! It's my first year too. So far, so good!

  4. Cute post, and I didn't know you could define yourself on the Internet. I tried with my name (Sarah) and found lots of definitions about quiet, bookish girls who aren't good at managing time. Also, there was a picture of Jesus riding a T-Rex, which is more awesome than anything else, I think.

    1. Ah yes, the Internet has all sorts of useful stuff. I think you can get that picture on a t-shirt, which would probably make you famous in public.

  5. Oh, now I'm curious what Urban Dictionary says about my own name. You mentioned fear of oceans and heights. Discovery Bay itself isn't, in my opinion, too bad in either aspect, but I visited Cape Flattery while I was here and I wouldn't recommend it if you have a fear of heights. Such a cool view, but I was getting scared a bit in some places and I don't have a fear of heights.

    1. Yeah...that fear of heights will sneak up me. We went driving through the mountains and I had a panic attack. I had no idea I was going to freak out over the roads just dropping off into nothingness. Thanks for the advance warning! I'll need it. =)

  6. Cute post, and great blog! Never knew there were so many definitions for a name. New follower via GFC.

    my blog:

  7. Loved it and find it very funny the last definition was too filthy to be shared. You know I have to go see it now. LOL

    I just might have to borrow the idea and do my name on Friday. I wasn't sure what to do for J. Do you mind? :-)

    1. Good luck reading it! I took one look and was like, "Nope! Not happening..."

      Go for it and hopefully you get normal ones and not filthy ones =).


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