Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Books rock my world.

B is for books. (Sorry...feel like I'm doing flashcards with the twins).

I was struggling with B.

Not sure why when I know I will probably struggle with every other letter just as much. I had quite a few blog posts planned out for this month and I wrote them in a notebook to keep the ideas safe.

Now I can't find the notebook...

Typical.  Moving on with the post, books are awesome, so I'm going to give you all a little insight on what I have on my bookshelves right now.

Books are a huge part of my life and I don't share that part as often on here. I bring a book with me everywhere I go and my husband has learned that, when I'm reading, it's best to leave me to it. I can block out the world once I'm involved enough in a story. If you need to get my attention, once I'm into a book, you will need flags, noise makers and chocolate. (Even then, if I'm reading something REALLY good, it's going to take a lot more than that to convince me to put my book down. Like money to buy more books...)

(Thank you awesome Facebook friends for posting this just in time!)

What I'm reading now:

Right now I'm reading "Remember", from Karen Kingsbury. She's a Christian author and quite honestly, I adore the approach she takes on real life. She doesn't just glaze over rough parts. She drags you through those parts, so you're struggling with the characters emotions and feeling them yourself, always leaving you in tears but wanting more.

Just before starting that one, I finished "Let's Pretend This Never Happened"- by Jenny Lawson. Great book. Lots of laughs. Lots and lots of laughs.

My favorite book(s):

Like there's just one. It really depends on my mood. Here are the top 4 (as of this moment):

1. The Outlander Series - by Diana Gabaldon. I read this series every year, probably for the past 15 years. Amazing. Wonderful. I've only met one person that didn't like it. Even though she's my sister, I still fight her on this and she is wrong. Just WRONG.

2. The Harry Potter series- J.K. Rowling. These are my comfort books. So descriptive and wonderful. I love finding new tidbits every time I read them.

3. The Stephanie Plum series- from Janet Evanovich. If you haven't read these yet, but love to laugh, pick them up now. You will not regret it. I also read these every year and still laugh out loud.

4. I also love anything from Jen Lancaster. Another author that can make me crack up, no matter how many times I read those books.

p.s. I like books that are in a series. No endings for me please. Ever. I get too emotionally attached to the characters and end up in a haze for days after the "loss" of them.  Don't do this to me! Why do books ever have to end?!?

Thank you Pinterest!

If you're into romance:

Julia Quinn. That's it. Pick up her books. All of them. JUST DO IT.
AND Elizabeth Hoyt. Any of them. All of them. Pick them up and fall in love.

If you are not a book person...I'm sorry. You are totally missing out.

There's such an amazing world waiting and all you have to do is open the cover and dig in. I love stepping into another life, another world and getting to know the characters on a personal level. There's nothing like being emotionally attached to a character that doesn't actually exist. My husband doesn't read and has no idea why I'm crying at the end of Harry Potter. It just gets to me. Every.
Single. Time.

I will give him credit for one thing. (That's right. Just one.)

He knows what I like when it comes to gifts. I make it easy.

Gift cards or books please. No matter what has gone wrong, if you give me a Barnes and Noble gift card, I'm thrilled. That's all I want.

(Gives him a lot of freedom, I think. Maybe too much freedom...
Jalon: "Honey, I bought a new car, BUT I also bought you a gift card for more books!"
Me: "You are FORGIVEN! I'll be back in an hour. Good luck with that car stuff.")

More than I want shoes. That's a lot.

(Thanks again, Pinterest.)


  1. I love books too!! And I love many of the authors you mentioned. I also love book series. No endings! I recently moved over to the Kindle and now I can carry tons of books with me wherever I go. It is awesome. OF course I still love the real thing sometimes but I'm finally moving to the digital age. I always tell everyone just get me an amazon gift card. Books are the best! I even love reading book reviews. Sometimes I enjoy that as much as the book!

    1. I have the nook and having it has come in handy! But if I really want to reread a book often, I will end up buying it in paperback or hardcover. I do enjoy the smell of books still. =)

  2. Ah, books! My first and always love. :) I don't think I could pick a fave if I tried! But more than enjoying them myself, I love sharing them with all my students. :) Have books, will travel ... a long, long way! :) And thanks for stopping by my blog- happy to have another A to Z challenger to share with!

    1. It was very hard to not go through my entire bookshelf and list them all here. =) That's the best part of books, they are a cheap mental vacation. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hello Danielle! I'm into A-Z-ing too! Let's Pretend This Never Happened sounds interesting that I even googled it. I would definitely grab a copy if only I have money. :))

    I would like to recommend Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss and Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. These are great books. Well... in my own opinion.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Miss Uncertain---sidetracked

    1. I LOVE Cassandra Clare, so I will be doing some research on those, thank you!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And good luck to you too!

  4. Hi..
    Books are my first and so far, only love :) Glad to find someone who enjoys reading as much as I do. True, the non readers have no idea what they are missing..

    I'm from the AtoZ Challenge and its a pleasure to read your blog.
    Bhavya from Just Another Blog

    1. Books have always been there for me. They are my escape from the world. I always feel bad for someone when they don't read, because I honestly think they are missing out on an amazing adventure.

      Good luck on the challenge and thanks for stopping by!

  5. I posted on books, too. I love reading. And I'm totally the same as your last picture. Love shopping for books. =]

    1. It's my happy place. The library and the bookstore.

  6. Danielle - I don't know who this Harry Potter person is but Karen Kingsbury is my all time favorite author. Jen Lancaster comes in at a close second. I have all of her books if you ever want to borrow them. We should really have another book swap night.

    1. I would love another book swap night. It's harder now since none of us get to see each other anymore. I miss working with everyone. I miss working...sometimes.


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