Thursday, April 11, 2013


I decided to interview my husband, Jalon, for today's post.

Some of you are new here, but my husband and I have been married for 9 years this April. I talk about him often on this blog, but never really "introduced" him.

And I needed something for the letter J.

I just found random questions all over the Internet that I thought would be interesting to have answered. I've also included my own "notes" in pink, for my entertainment. I can't keep my mouth shut.

1. What is your favorite food?
- Sushi. Ewww....We cannot hang out anymore.

2. Favorite song?
- ICP- Great Milenko. As in, Insane Clown Posse.
I had to Google this for spelling, that's how weird it is. Don't you have anything more current?

3. Favorite movie?
- Dazed and Confused. We haven't watched this in years. I feel as if I don't even know you anymore?!

4. Favorite dinner?
- Chinese food- Peking Chicken. Of course it wouldn't be a dinner I make. I thought he liked my food. Never even seen him eat this meal before. 9 years and you think that you know a person...

5. Favorite breakfast?
- I don't usually eat breakfast, but I guess french toast sticks. Another meal that I don't make. Do you have another wife somewhere?

6. Favorite time of the year?
- Thanksgiving- because of the dunes. He grew up in AZ driving jeeps in the middle of the sand dunes. Tons of fun, but far away at the moment. I tried finding a picture to show you, but my shoebox (that I keep all my important info in) happens to be missing at the moment.

7. What was your favorite cartoon character?
- Snoopy. Not what I would have thought, but it's cool. I was rooting for He-Man....

8. What's the worst thing you've eaten?
If he says something I make, I will be pissed!
- Hummus, wrapped in spinach leaves, soaked in vinegar.
SAFE! It's not one my hot dishes. Whew...

9. What gifts do you like to receive?
- Tools and car parts. Duhhhh. The expensive crap. This is like me asking for diamonds and Coach purses, which I don't. I ask for books. Or chocolate. I'm cheap and easy. That didn't sound right...

10. What do you fear the most?
- I don't fear anything...I honestly have nothing for this one. Let's skip it. This is why we're married. Opposites attract. I would need 3 notebooks to fill in all my fears and naming all the spiders would take up a large chunk of one notebook.

11. What things do I do that irritate you?
- Uh-oh, here we go...this isn't right. I guess your cold feet touching my stomach when we're in bed.
He totally played it safe...

12. What has been the best vacation of your life?
- Italy
Of course it was! Because I was in Nebraska, alone, 6 months pregnant with our first child. HOPE YOU HAD FUN! You couldn't have picked a trip we've taken together? Noooo...

13. What do you like about your job?
- The variety of people I get to talk to from other countries. I, for once, have nothing snarky to add.

14. What 3 words best describe you?
(HUGE sigh from him) - Outspoken, Innovative and funny. Outspoken, totally. It's like word vomit. Innovative, fine. Funny? Insert huge eye roll from me right here. I'm the funny one in this relationship.

15. What is the best advice you've ever received?
- Be yourself no matter what people think of you.

16. If you could live somewhere different, where would it be?
(Another huge sigh- Seriously, I didn't think these questions were that difficult- suck it up!)
-Germany What?! Dude. I was totally guessing Arizona.

17. If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be?
- Buy a motorcycle and come home to beg my wife to forgive me. Nope. Get the hammer...I'm going on a smashing rampage.

18. What is your dream car?
- 1949 Mercury You have this car. Not my fault it's just a metal frame in the garage. Ok, it might be my fault a little. I did buy it.

19. If you could spend the day doing whatever you wanted, what would it be?
- Working on my cars. I like how the word "wife" and "kids" were not used in that sentence AT ALL. Nice...

20. What was something mischievous you did as a child?
(PLEASE pick just ONE thing...I don't need a hand cramp)
- Stole a Volkswagen engine out of a Volkswagen bus. Dude. That is not what I meant by "mischievous". I'm thinking maybe the story about you shooting the hole in the TV screen would have been more appropriate. But what do I know? My idea of mischievous was sneaking treats out of the drawer in the kitchen that my Mom had to eventually lock.

21. What do you like about yourself?
- My outgoing personality.

22. The biggest thing that puts a smile on your face is:
- For the most part, my kids...and family. Once again, the word "wife" is not used...big surprise.

Turns out this interview was much more interesting than I had originally anticipated.

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  1. Cleaver idea. My hubby wouldn't have been cooperative. But, then after being married as long as we have, I could probably answer everything without him anyway. lol...seriously in June it's 41 years.


    1. I thought for sure I would have known the answers. I guessed wrong almost 90% of the time with him. Surprised me =). 41 years is awesome! Congrats! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. HAHAHA this cracked me up! Seriously funny!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping my husband found my comments funny. I didn't share those with him before posting. =)

  3. "I'm cheap and easy" made me snort coffee in laughter. Does Jalon read your blog ever? Do you have any rules for how you represent him in the blogo-sphere? The mister has first read-rights to anything I write about him so if I accidentally offend him I can tweak.

    1. Ha! Thanks. He does read it and usually, doesn't care too much about what I post. It's not the funny stuff I have to worry about, it's the serious stuff I ask about before I post.

  4. This was very entertaining to read. I'm guessing he doesn't take too much offense to your joking nature.
    We Are Adventure

    1. Nope. He finds me funny, which is why we work so well together =).

  5. Fun read! Your husband has a good choice in dream places to live. Germany is the best!

    1. Thanks! It was just so far away. I didn't expect it from him.

  6. I thought this was a great post. A few of Jay's answers surprised me- I didn't know Germany was on the dream list. I think you should do more blogs like this- interviewing family members- it could be fun. A great interview subject would probably be Evan! I bet that would be hilarious.
    Miss you guys!

    1. I knew he wanted to visit, but I didn't expect live. Thank you! I will try to do more of these. I'll give Evan a shot and see how it works out. =)

  7. I love this. I cracked up when you asked him if he has another wife somewhere!

  8. I am laughing at this so hard!!! Sometimes my husband surprises me with what he says. He would totally talk about working on his car as his idea of a nice afternoon, meanwhile, him working on the car for a nice afternoon means I am wrangling kids solo and developing a tic from the nonstop energy and talking!!

    1. Uh...I know what you mean! And my idea of a good afternoon, is one I can spend reading. BUT I would still have to make the meals and wrangle the kids because my activity takes place inside the house. I need to find an outdoor activity.


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