Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Interesting. Intriguing. Impressive.

Since today is the 10th I decided to do 10 on 10 for today so you could have a insiders view on my super INTERESTING life.

Yes. I'm interesting.

Or I might be the exact opposite of the words I used in my blog title.

10 on 10 is when I take pictures for 10 hours of my day. Whatever happens to be going on during that hour, you get to see (for the most part). Except for what I do in the bathroom. There's no need to even go there.

I've seen this on other blogs, so it's a thing, I promise. I didn't just make this up. But I did steal the idea.

I even made them cute little collages thanks to! Quick and easy site to use, I highly suggest giving it a shot if you ever have a need for this!

And on another note, I didn't start as early as I wanted to, because I'm lazy.

So my day, for your viewing, started at 10 a.m. yesterday morning.

Laundry. Messy house waiting to be tidied. A person from the electrical company that provided a good half hour of entertainment in the morning because of tree trimming.

Lunchtime for kids with some Caillou. Laundry..still damp. A stuffed pony meeting- looked kind of creepy, but Morgan set them up. A clean living room that I already miss.
(Do you see those vacuum lines? Not anymore...makes me sad.)
My lunch. Not so tasty...bleh. That's what happens when I get creative.
The power went out which is why the kids look super confused at the TV being off.
Morgan playing in her room instead of napping.
I also showered here, but I didn't think it was necessary to take a picture for proof.

Grey's Anatomy (old ones on TV) while I clipped coupons for my grocery trip tomorrow.
MORE laundry.
The kids getting up..well, Declan is waking up, Morgan never moved.

Picking up Evan from school.
And we took a scenic drive today before coming home.

Snack time. Mommy not feeling so hot, so sitting down time.
Morgan and Declan making a hot mess.
I walked in and said, "Raise your hand if you made this mess."
And they both decided to take the blame.
Declan hiding in Morgans closet.
Jalon came home.
I'm surprised every time he comes home.
Like there might be a day that he will take a look around and say, "Nope. This house is nuts. I'm out."

This is normally when I would be making dinner.
But I still wasn't feeling so hot.
Friends on TV and my big, fluffy blankie.
(My feet were propped up on a laundry basket. Not floating in midair as they appear.)
Some snuggles and quiet time for kids.

Quiet time is OVER!
Thanks to Daddy, it's a Culvers' night.
He saved the day again....
Chicken Noodle soup seems to be the cure for everything.
Culver's has some OK soup.
Morgan and Evan dancing or doing their "Tree Fu Go"*
Declan ignoring everyone.
Having a snack of banana bread.
Morgan was not a fan. She prefers chocolate. I can't blame her.
And, of course, more laundry...
*I have no idea what Tree Fu Go is.
I think it may be something on TV, but we're not 100% sure yet.
Or maybe my kids are just weird.
This is just more evidence in support of that theory.
It's almost bedtime!
My husband looks at me with joy because we get to watch an hour long Sophia the First movie!
We're so lucky.
The kids playing blocks and relaxing.
Our front yard, because we're waiting for this epic snowstorm to hit.
(Yes, a snowstorm in April.
We live in Minnesota, so it's not THAT much of a shock.
If you could see my Facebook, you would think the world is going to implode.
Don't get me wrong, I'm wanting spring just as much as the next person,
BUT if this was happening in July, that would give us the right to complain more, not April.)
I know there's a ton of pictures, if you made it through, thanks for that.
I know my day seems pretty lame, but I wasn't feeling that great yesterday.
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  1. Those are some serious cuties you've got there. Adorable!

    Happy A to Z blogging!

    1. Thank you! It's cuteness that's covering up the trouble that waits underneath. =)

  2. Great photos of the kiddos. Love to see more.

  3. Love it! Looks a lot like my day to day. Does that laundry EVER end? I'm kind of jealous of how clean your house looked in the pictures

    1. No. Laundry never, ever, ever ends. My pile mates and reproduces over night while I sleep.

      I only really took pictures in a couple rooms. I hide the rest =). I tidied up a little, I'm feeling rebellious.

  4. Interesting post. It's amazing you could make all those photo collages with how busy you are!

    1. Super quick and easy to make. That site is my new favorite.

  5. I love this! It's so fun to get a glimpse into other people's lives.

    Ashlee / Ramblings of a Silly Girl

    1. It might be more entertaining if I did more. Sadly, I'm lacking in the fun department.

  6. I love the look on your husband's face. I get this one a lot too, but it's not because our kids are making us watch something, it's because I'm all "yay! let's watch a disney movie!"

    1. Ha! He gets really mad when I want to watch a Disney movie after the kids go to bed. He's not a fan of all the cartoons.

  7. This is my first time seeing it and I love the 10 on 10 concept. I'm trying to train my 17-month old to help with the laundry but instead I'm left with clothes pegs at every nook of our apartment!

    Lovely pictures - lovely family!

    1. Thank you! I've been training my kids for awhile now, not a whole lot of luck.

  8. Love this! You are a real mom! Just like me! Visiting for the #atozchallenge
    Mommiesnetwork blog and Chipsofftheoldblock blog ( yep I am crazy going two blogs)

    1. Wow! Good for you taking on 2 blogs! Thanks for stopping by!


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