Monday, October 6, 2014

Living Room-Completed!

When I first started this project, I had no idea that it would take me so long or be so expensive. Pretty sure that's what everyone tends to say when they finish a project.

I love how it turned out and I'm glad we did it. So, at least there's that.

Here are some before shots of my living room:

This was after moving furniture around.
I had to do this a few times, just to get it right.
Apparently covering up the registers is not a good idea.

On this wall, I used to have a beautiful pew bench.
I removed it so I could have my rocking chair and computer instead.
I wanted this area to actually be useful.
We need to take advantage of all spaces rather than just waste them for d├ęcor purposes.

Another before shot.
You can see where I was patching up holes in the walls.
So pretty.

This is the bottom half of a curio cabinet that I wanted to put in the living room.
This was the item that took the longest to finish.
It had 4 layers of paint on it.
The last layer was black.
It was impossible to remove from all the tiny nooks and crannies.
We found it for free on the side of the road.
I once thought we were super lucky...I now know better.
Not the greatest picture, but it gives you an idea.

My nook now.
Jalon laughs at me when I sit in my rocking chair and knit.
Don't care.
Way too cozy to actually care.

It feels brighter in here now.

And much more open. 

The *almost* finished cabinet.
The top shelf is missing the glass, so I can't use it just yet.
I store the DVD's on the bottom half.
I like it a lot.
Glad I didn't get frustrated and toss it.
Although, I hope I never decide to redo it...
Well, that's it.
My living room update.
Mostly finished.
Now I get to decorate for Halloween!
And on that note, Jalon- please bring up the 20 Halloween totes from the basement for me.
Thank you.

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  1. Your living room looks so much more lovely! The colors are so happy and inviting, and it looks... designed? designed. Planned. Pretty. Bravo!


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