Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Celebrating my Children Week- Morgan

My sweet adorable girl.
With devious, diva insides.
Here are the 5 things you may not know about Morgan:
She's always up for a snuggle.
In fact, she will snuggle you to death.
No matter how much you sweat, she won't leave your side.
Which is unfortunate in those summer months.
But, I still let her snuggle me.
Until I pass out from Heat Stroke...
Look at that face!
Heat Stroke is worth it.
There are NO boundaries with Morgan.
What's yours is hers.
No matter what it is.
Just this morning, she came up to me, lifted my shirt and slapped my belly.
She giggles when it jiggles.
(I'm painting one heck of an image here, aren't I?)
The other day at Church, she came right up to me and slammed her face right into my butt crack.
Pretty sure the squeal I let out scared several people.
Then she thought it was hilarious and kept doing it.
Every inch is free game to her.
Makes for some very uncomfortable explanations when we're in public...

She believes in unicorns.
Unikitties (No idea what this is...but the picture she drew me looks a bit monstrous.)
She thinks that when she gets older, she get's to be a Princess.
Or a ballerina.
I tell her to go for it.

She's slower than crap at everything she does.
I know, that sounds totally mean.
But it's sooooo true.
She's the pokiest child I have.
Although, I guess when comparing to my other two (who are naturally spastic) she might just be normal?
I tell her to get her shoes on in the morning and she spends 5 minutes looking at them. Another 2 minutes, playing with the Velcro attachments. 5 more stomping them to make sure the lights still work. Then 10 minutes putting them on, because the first time, she put them on the wrong feet.
No matter what, she will ALWAYS put her shoes on the wrong feet the first time.

She will eat anything we give her.
She's the bravest kid I know when it comes to food.
She eats things I wouldn't even look at.
(Mostly seafood...because that's gross.)
Although, the second you serve her ANYTHING but peanut butter toast for lunch, she will throw a fit!
Don't mess with her lunch.
It's just not worth it.

(The kids turned on me. I was taking adorable pictures of their leaf fight with each other and then they switched tactics and attacked me.)
She's a lot like me.
And I love that about her.
We both enjoy reading, quiet time and sitting on our butts for long periods of time.

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  1. What an adorable looking little girl, she's a peach - and I hope one day she does get to be a princess or a ballerina :)


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