Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hot Halloween Mess

Yesterday, I spent my day making popcorn balls.
I was in charge of the snack for our church's Pioneer Club.
I picked the night of our annual Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Party for a reason.
Because I knew I could come up with something fun to make.
Unfortunately, as with all my ideas, this one bit me right in the tush.
It had seemed so simple.
Pop up some popcorn.
Mix up marshmallow goo.
Stir the two together.
Form into balls.
The end.
BUT, it all started out like this:
Stupid boyscouts and their impossible bags.
I dumped it all over.
All I wanted was a 1/2 cup of popcorn!
That's it!
When the kernels wouldn't come out, I squeezed a bit...
suddenly, the bag exploded and they ALL came out!
Not a great start.

The recipe I found said I could add some cute candies to mix in.
Fortunately, I have a bucket full of candy ready for trick-or-treaters.
Unfortunately, it took me forever to unwrap 60 tiny, individual treat bags to get what I needed.
Great planning?
I think not.
Even though I was running around like a crazy person, covered in marshmallow goo, I still had a family to take care of and feed.
In between making popcorn balls and trying not to burn the house down, I had to make lunch.
Tip: Watch what you grab from the fridge. Some items may appear similar at first glance, but their taste will be drastically we found out the hard way.
Sorry Declan!

Big oops from Mommy.
That will keep your bowels moving...right?
Not funny?
BUT, I did manage to make 42 popcorn balls.
Well, technically, I made 43.
But one got lost.
In my belly.

Messy but so delicious.
I decided, at the very last minute, to dress up as Doctor Who for this costumed event.
I had 2 hours to throw together what I had to make it work.
I was shooting for #10.
(For those that are unfamiliar with Doctor Who, it's David Tennant. He's my favorite.)
Here's what he looks like:
Here's my somewhat awful version:

I tried!
Cut me some slack...
I borrowed a suit jacket from my Dad and raided my husbands closet for a shirt and tie.
He couldn't stop laughing when I added the side burns.
I thought I made a handsome man...
No one knew who Doctor Who was anyway.
I had probably 4 people know who I was trying to go for.
The kids looked at me like I was crazy.
What else is new?

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