Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrating my Children- Evan

I'm late. I know...

It was a hectic day, trying to get ready to go. Laundry, packing, and after-school activities, I never had time to sit down and write an Evan post. Then we flew out to Arizona from Thurs-Mon. Woke up this morning to Evan deciding the stomach virus was a good way to welcome me home.

He always seems to know exactly what I need.

I do feel bad for the booger, but there are a million other ways I would prefer to be welcomed.

I have tons and tons of stuff to share from our vacation and planned on doing it all this week. But, with a sick child, my brain power and time is quite limited. Keeping it simple with the boy who happens to be on my mind today.

Here are a few things about my biggest boy:

He has the kindest heart I've ever encountered.
Evan tries to make friends with every single person he meets.
I've never heard an unkind word come out of his mouth.
I only hope that it survives, as others may not be as kind to him.
No matter how much practice you do, the boy cannot smile for planned photos.
Every single school picture looks a lot like this:
He is too skinny.
We cannot find pants to fit this kid.
He's too tall and his waist too small.
This is what happens when he moves around:

Evan has decided that when he grows up, he wants to be Daddy.
That's it.
I don't think he really knows what Daddy even does...
(I don't even know...as long as the paychecks keep coming, I don't really care.)
But, he knows it's something with airplanes.
So that's what he's obsessed with.
(This was at an airshow where the planes didn't even leave the ground. Stupid clouds...)
Evan takes care of his brother and sister.
And he makes sure that I also take care of them as well as he does.
Even today, when I had to drop them off at school and he was hanging out in the bathroom, his first concern was them, not the fact that he was being sick.
He was worried they wouldn't make it to their classroom on their own.
I'm assuming they did fine, since they made it home.
But his concern for them, melts my heart.

Not sure what my life would be without these three.



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