Friday, October 24, 2014

Arizona Adventures, Day 2

This trip was a little more exciting...almost too exciting.

Our trip through Oak Creek Canyon, to Sedona, was on winding roads that tend to make me very motion sick. Because of this, I decided to take a Dramamine before we left.

That left me a little loopy for the rest of the day.

Just as a warning. And explanation as far as some of these pictures and videos go.

So far, so good!
(Someone looks a wee bit grouchy...) 

Rolled through lots of elevation changes.
My ears were going crazy.

Lots of sleeping breaks in here. 

Where are we?
No clue.
Pretty though.

After a big nap, we made it to Sedona!
(By the way, I napped, Jalon drove. Just in case I needed to clarify that.)

This machine...
I wanted an actual paper fortune, as a souvenir.
Here's my reaction to that:
After all that napping, I really needed some coffee.
We had to hunt for some, but found the perfect spot to enjoy it!
So pretty!
Then Jalon takes this picture...
I look drugged.
Well, to be fair, I was.
After this, we went to Jerome, AZ.
A living ghost town.
Pretty cool.
Great views!

The toilet garden?
Kind of interesting...I guess.

I LOVED this building!

Really cool garden area.

Found lots of goodies inside!
Couldn't take pictures of the inside though.

Buildings that were original parts of the "ghost" town.
Lots of fun walking through here.
After this, we went to Black Canyon City, which is where Jalon grew up.
Pretty small, but it was cool to hear his stories and see his Grandpa!

Found an old Stage Stop in his town.
I was mad.
I really wanted to go inside.

Well, that's it for now.
That night we went back to a new hotel room, near family and hung out with them that night.
I went to a hockey game.
My first one.
I will share my experiences with that in another post...
I only have so much space here.

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