Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday.

Today I get to turn 34 years old. That's right, I don't even care anymore. I'm getting old. It's the way of the world, might as well face the fact, and try to love it.

I'm so darn happy and thrilled. I LOVE birthdays!

I always start out by singing my favorite birthday song (to myself, of course...)

Then, I walk around, announcing to the household, that today is indeed my birthday and must be celebrated at once. The kids tend to stare at me in confusion, then ask if it's their birthday and if they get presents even though it's my birthday...although, Morgan did tell me she's going to buy me a unicorn. Score!

I go completely overboard, everything I do, must be exciting and fun. Basically, it's a Treat Myself kind of day. (For those that may not understand that reference, treat yourself and watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Seriously.)

I almost bought myself these adorable Batman footie pajamas. But, I decided to purchase this instead:


Every single Birthday wish, card, greeting and event, must be treasured. Even Google is going all out and celebrating my Birthday.

Thank you, Google. Thank you.

(I also, not so secretly anymore, walk around anticipating all sorts of "surprises" that loved ones planned that never actually happen...I disappoint myself every single year with this secret hope.)

I feel that every single birthday should be celebrated and treated as special.

HOWEVER....I married someone that does not believe the same. (Yes, Jalon, I'm looking at you.)

He feels we should only celebrate the "big" ones. 16, 21, 30 and 50? Seriously?

And by celebrate, he means that he might actually say "happy birthday" to that person on that day. (I do not fault him for this too much. I get that birthdays aren't a huge deal to every single person. It's ok. But, I really, really, really, like cake.)

By that reasoning, I won't get to celebrate another birthday until I'm 50. The more morbid part of me is saying, "What happens if we don't make it to 50? All those birthdays just end up being un-celebrated." It's so sad!

EVERY SINGLE YEAR is AMAZING! I want to celebrate each and every birthday like I may not get another one...because I might not. Let's be realistic, life happens. You can't treat it like it's always there. It's a gift and one that should be treasured.

I asked for a Doctor Who/Harry Potter themed birthday party. Friends, family, presents, lots of cake and candy. We could wear costumes, play games and fill up on gallons of sugar until we cry. Unfortunately for me, waiting for this event to become reality, will only lead to tears. And as much as I love spending birthdays in the bathroom, crying over nothing, I need to get over it.

So, on that note, I shall celebrate this birthday on my own. I'm making my own cake (Gluten-free Boston Cream Pie), I purchased ice cream (Gluten-free Chocolate) and I will even light candles (probably not 34 of them though...). Then, I plan on knitting in front of the TV with Halloween cartoons playing all night. I will probably do all of this wearing pj's too.

Partying takes an entirely different role when you have kids. But I'm still just as excited.

Now, I need to go do some fun birthday laundry. This normally wouldn't happen on such a special day, but everyone is complaining about being out of clean clothes. Boo. 

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  1. A very Happy Birthday, hope you're having a fun day - apart from doing the laundry of course. Double boo on that one.

    Why wouldn't you get to celebrate another birthday until 50? What happened to the big four-oh? That's supposed to be another milestone birthday, or at least it is over here.


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