Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crazy Nights Under a Blood Moon

Yesterday, I posted about our crazy fairy circle and how I thought it was actually fairies and not just a mound of fungus. My husband, typically the reasonable sort, saw my post and decided to play along. Maybe it's because he's as crazy as I am...maybe he just loves me a lot.

(In case you missed yesterdays post: )

We waited until the kids went to bed, of course, and it had to be dark enough so our neighbors wouldn't see as well. We have some seriously nosy neighbors. I can only imagine what they were thinking...the neighbor across from us once thought I was a prostitute. Pretty sure I'm just encouraging him at this point.

(Just in case you didn't read that post and are seriously confused right now- here is what I'm talking about: )

I'm waiting for Child Protective Services to arrive any moment and ask me some very strange questions.

It was totally worth it.

Here's the video from last night:

And on that note, we realized that there was going to be a blood moon early this morning.

Just in case you wanted to read a little about it. I will not even attempt to describe what happened. I'm just going to say it was pretty awesome.

Worth getting up at 5:15 a.m. awesome?


I guess....

I thought it was cool at the time, but right about now my body is telling me a nap would be a wonderful idea.

Here are some pictures that we managed to take of that moon:

Sorry. They are a bit blurry. Being too Early+ Freezing Butt Off= Shaking Woman Taking Photos.

I think they capture the redness that was there though, so I call it a win.


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  1. BWAHAHAHA. "...or apparently the fairies will suck you into their world." I laughed so hard. Also: those pictures are GORGEOUS. frame them? yes?


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