Friday, October 10, 2014

My "Great" Ideas are on Lockdown.

My birthday is over...=(


I had a great day and feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to go out of their way to say something nice.

Although, there was a moment in there that may not have been so "great".

I had an idea. (I know...horrible start already.)

I should know better by now. Always talk about your idea before executing just in case. Because it may turn out that it's not such a great idea after all.

But it was my birthday and I just didn't care.

I decided to make a quick necklace.


Because I was digging around on Pinterest (stupid, stupid, stupid...) and found this:

Isn't it so pretty?
All I could think about was how we have a billion keys hanging on a hook in our basement, that were left here from the previous owner, just going to waste.
And I had a TON of leftover steampunk/gears and stuff that were also going to waste.
Why not combine the two and make something totally cool?
I had this small, tiny afterthought of "maybe I should call Jalon, just to be sure I can use one of these keys?" Then the bigger thought came through and said, "Don't bother him at work with this small tiny detail, just take a really old looking one and it will be fine."
Patting myself on the back for having such a great idea, I got right to work. (If you've been keeping up, there's no such thing as a great idea when it comes from my head...)
So I went into the basement and recognized a few keys, so I stayed away from those. I found this old dingy key chain that had GM written on it and the number '47. It had 3 keys and I grabbed one I thought would work the best. (In my head, it made sense. There was no GM in my driveway...right?)
I spray painted it gold/gold glitter and then glued on a bunch of really cool accessories.
It looks awesome.
I did good, right?
I thought so...
My dear husband came home and saw my new necklace and decided to ask a few questions.
(Suspicious much? I mean seriously? Do we have a few trust issues when it comes to my creations?)
Such as, "Where did you find the key?"
"I found an old one hanging on the basement."
He said, "It didn't have a white key ring that said '47, did it?"
"Why yes, actually, it did. Is that bad?"
At this point, he was a pale and a little sweaty. He went in, grabbed the keys and ran out to our "new" vehicle, which is apparently a GM from 1947. (Turns out GM=Chevy...duh. I did know that. Somewhere inside....deep, deep down inside.)
See? Pretty car.
He starts putting keys into different areas of the car to determine which one I have.
Apparently, in the middle of a great idea, I chose the door key.
So we can no longer unlock the doors. And no, there is not another key. (Who's bad planning was that? Can't blame me there...)
Although, after today, there might be several new ones made, just in case I get another great idea...
Now, I need to go pick off some beautiful d├ęcor and clean off a key so my husband doesn't sweat through his clothes. Pretty sure it will come clean...I'm just a little sad that I did all that work for nothing.
I did learn a nice lesson about having ideas.
It's just to stop having ideas. Period.
My sweet, dear, considerate husband did do this for me, just in case I felt creative again:
The ones on the left are the "mystery" keys.
 The ones on the right are the ones I should avoid.
If he did that a few days ago, we wouldn't be in this predicament now, would we?

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