Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slacking off...again.

I know, it's been awhile since I've been able to get on here and update our life.

I wish I could say that it's been super exciting and I just haven't had time to write due to all the life I'm living. But it's mostly because of laundry, crafting and super annoying children.

Super annoying= Declan getting into everything that he can possibly reach. EVERYTHING. I know I'm guilty of leaving electronic devices on our mantle, while I'm tiding up or watching TV, so it's my fault when he snatches it and texts everyone I know.

Today, he did something naughty and I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault.

This is a tiny bit of Cadbury Egg that I found.
I bought 2 for Jay last night, just because I know he likes them.
He decided to eat one and save the other.
I didn't realize that the other was saved in a location Declan would be able to find.
Until I came up from doing laundry and saw tiny bits of wrapper all over.
Both twins were sticky and gross.
Cadbury Egg goop was everywhere.
Pretty sure I'm not to blame for sticky fingers on our couch.
I know, I'm to blame for the pink smoothie that spilled on the carpet or the coffee mug he dumped over on the couch.
BUT you can't blame me for this one.
I guess you could blame me for not watching him, hence allowing him to get into trouble.
Someone has to do laundry around here at some point.
I've been crafting like crazy so I have lots to put into an Etsy store in March.
I have yards and yards and yards of fur.
So I created a pattern to make a cute, fuzzy monster.
Who doesn't like cute, fuzzy monsters?
My kids.
But they LOVED the samples I made that ended up looking like potatoes with eyes.
I know I already posted a pic of #1 and #2 but I wanted a full update, so here it is again.
Just because I know you care.

Pretty basic.
Trying to attempt a body style that works.

This is the 3rd.
The second was adding legs and arms to body style #1 but I realized it wouldn't sit right without a butt.
So #3 has a butt.
And teeth, claws and spikes up his back.
Morgan is in love with #3.

This is the actual item that will go into the shop.
The kids are a little freaked out from him.
His eyes are a little spooky.
But I think his smile makes him happy rather than scary.

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  1. Cute! This reminds me of an artist/ crafter named Miss Monster. Have you heard of her? ( She started out making plush monsters a decade or so ago and has grown into quite an accomplished internet famous person. :)

    (and the egg is totes not your fault. that's my vote anyway.)


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