Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Recipe, Stuffed Poop and Flirting. Not all mixed together...

I have a few things for this post. I'm just going to dive right in:

This was supposed to be recipe week on my blog.
But Pinterest recipes suck.
Not all of them.
I've had one work out out of a dozen that I've tried.
Not the best odds.
Not worth it anymore.
Last night I was fed up with all of it and made some comfort food.
I like the base of this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.
It's delicious and super easy to whip up.
But here's what I did different:
I made the sauce the same except I added some Teriyaki sauce.
My husband likes it.
That's probably the only reason I put it on there.
I didn't really taste a difference.
Sesame oil is really strong but really delicious.
The two dishes on the side are green onions and chopped cilantro.
Cilantro is the BEST addition to this dish.
Do not go without it.
Unless you hate it for some reason.
Then we can no longer be friends.

I cooked Broccoli, carrots and green pepper in some sesame oil.
I really wanted red pepper.
But I used it the other night some some taco things that were disgusting.
Stupid Pinterest recipes.

In the same pan I did the veggies, I tossed some chicken in with some more teriyaki sauce.
I did pre-cook the chicken in the oven for a little, so it wouldn't take me as long here.
Can you hear it sizzling?
Makes my stomach growl and it's 9 a.m.

I magically cooked some thin spaghetti and now I'm trying to pour it in while taking a picture.
I did spill some because I'm a hot mess.
Pour the hot noodles into the sauce using a broken strainer and stir it up.
The broken strainer is the key to making your pasta delicious.
It's a good thing I'm here to help you out.

Dump on the rest of your ingredients.
Yum! It smells sooooooo good!

Look back at your kitchen and cry a little.
I JUST did the dishes!
Turn up your music a little louder and hope that helps everything go away.
Sorry...I'm getting distracted.

Looks good, doesn't it?
Oh betcha!
It was delicious!
Even the kids ate some of it.
And I have lots of leftovers for today's lunch.
Assuming my husband didn't take it all with him...
I would cry.
Try this recipe! I promise you won't regret it.
I'm making stuffies again, because I have a butt-load of fur.
If you don't know what a "stuffie" is, I'm pretty sure you're face is full of confusion right now.
I took a picture so you won't be confused anymore.
Also, butt-load = full tote.
I've decided to create my own pattern.
Sounds super easy, right?
I mean, you can do whatever you want.
How hard can that be?
Turns's harder than it looks.
This is what I've created so far:

My husband told me that it looks like I'm making poop with eyes.
I prefer "potato".
I'm using brown fleece I had leftover from some unknown project years ago.
I made the simple one first and glued on some eyeballs just for fun.
Now the kids are fighting over them.
I have $800 worth of "real" stuffed animals in this house and your fighting over poop with eyes?
And now I feel bad with the one that has JUST eyes...he looks so left out without arms and legs.
I better get to it.
Lots to do...obviously.
My husband and I text each other for fun sometimes.
Lately I've been "flirting" over text just for giggles.
After one of my "flirty" texts, he wrote back:
"We're married, I think we're past the flirting stage:
I wrote, "That's just sad. Then since we already have kids, I guess we're past the sex phase too."
He came back with, "Ok, you have a point."
I'm trying to bring some of our old romance back into our relationship.
It's more fun when you do what they don't expect.
He's not fully on board with my plan yet.
Mostly because it's going to take effort and we have too much other stuff going on.
But I'm finding that funny pickup lines are the way to go!
Only my husband would see the love in this.
Bringing back the flirty fun in our relationship is going to be a blast!
At least for me.
He's so lucky to be married to me.
So lucky.

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  1. I do this in little notes I send with the mister to work each day. And I'm TOTALLY stealing that diarrhea quote. My favorite that I've used so far: I love you with all my boobs. I'd say with all my heart, but my boobs are bigger." (also pinterest is a GOLDMINE for cheesy pickup lines.)


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