Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm here for YOU. You're Welcome.

Need something in your life, but you're just not sure what it is yet?

Well, rest assured, I hunted Craigslist and found some great things, just to help you out.

You are so lucky to have me.

What did I find that was so special?

Aroooo~! Love Werewolves? (Bloomington and around)

Hey I'm looking for others 18+ to discuss werewolf myths, books, movies, have coffee, trade recipes about meat and possibly work out to get ourselves into more werewolf-esc shape. Social group type setting. If you're therian also would love to chat.

Wow. See?

Look...I made you a new best friend! Or I just introduced you to someone that may eat you. Either way, fun way to start out a New Year, right?!

This one is even more special. He has a very, VERY specific image in his mind. In fact, he even has your new name picked out already. I'm guessing he already has a girl picked out and this is just one hell of a sarcastic posting, or he's serious and therefore, crazy.

But look at all the fun adventures! Change your name and dive in!

Adventurous guy looking for traveling/surfing partner (Twin Cities)

I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with laughing, traveling, and having fun. I'd like to hit as many surf destinations as we can together, Oz, Tahiti, France, Morocco, Brazil, Peru, South Africa. Okay, I know you won't surf South Africa, you can watch. I'd like to snowboard the Alps with you, (it will be fun, I'll go easy on you), and I'd like to see Machu Picchu with you for the first time, maybe it will be as memorable as Chichen Itza was when we saw it on my birthday (or Coba, for that matter) :). Rock climbing and mountain biking out west, road tripping through Central America and again in Canada in a van we live in (assuming you get your issue taken care of in our lifetime), and grabbing sushi in Japan would be a must. Greece and Italy would be done on our Mediterranean sailing adventure. I'd prefer a beautiful brunette, with deep brown eyes, smart, confident, funny, and the sexiest creature I've ever laid eyes on. Name of Emily preferred.

Not quite sure what this one means...but why not give it a try!

What could you possibly lose? Besides your soul...

going into spirit world need female (saint paul )

I need female for feedback,,9528184388textME or call lets have fun,, 

Need a date? Guess what I found?


Yes ladies (sorry Men, you're on your own) I found the BEST of the BEST.

Be warned...I'm only posting titles on these. It's a filthy world out there. But some of these were just too funny to not post.

For your entertainment (or future dating pleasure):

1 legged transvestite midget.. - m4w - 47 - This is one hell of an attention grabber.

Seek a Woman with Open mind to Walking On Me - m4w - 48  Hot stuff. My husband tells me I walk on him all the time...didn't know men actually wanted this. Just kidding about the husband part...he's going to come home mad at me now.

This one is a dog, looking for a date for his owner.

I'm not sure if I'm creeped out or impressed by his creativity.

Woof Woof Ruff Ruff - 30 (WEST CENTRAL,WI)

Hey ladies, my owner needs a good young lady that he can treat like a princess!

Trust me he's a great guy. He makes me great meals, takes me for walks and spoils me rotten! I LOVE IT! He makes sure I'm taken care of before he leaves to work, and takes care of me as soon as he gets home. Trust me on this one, you wont find a guy that'll treat you any better! Promise. He takes me fishing and hunting, but I always get to stay home when he goes snomobiling and out on the town. DARN! Oh and he likes to cuddle too. Woof woof for now, maybe I'll see you later.

P.S. ANd it's xmas time and he keeps making comment about he wishes I wasn't the only one he had to do nice things for.


Yup...I'm creeped out.

Maybe your job is boring and not exciting anymore?

Look at this!

Start your path to an exciting new career and become a Zombie Fighter

Zombie Fighting is a exciting new career path, that once the Zombie
Apoclypse occurs, will be in high demand. Fighting the undead is not
only a fun and fulfilling, but an important skill set necessary to
earn a living in any Zombie Wasteland. Don't be a victim of Zombie
violence, become a protector, creating your own enclave/bunker for
zombie defense.

 - WOW! You never know, right? Do it...save my life too, while you're at it.

Well, that's about it.

I could probably find more, but I don't want to overwhelm you will all the goods that you can find on Craigslist.

Good luck out there.


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