Thursday, July 19, 2012

Typical Thursday

More outside pics today. Just because I can.
My kids pose so well for the camera.
It's hard to resist.
It's hard to resist this adorable face! Even when she's digging in the dirt...

These blue eyes get me every time.

"Do you want me to poke out your eye with my stick? No?"

"Ok...I'll poke out my own then."


Monkey girl can't climb too far.

Just throwing this one in there. I have a pumpkin growing. Holy crap. It's a big one.

Playing pirate ship.

Kisses anyone? Fish lips is handing them out for free!

"Leave me alone."

"Fine! Take a picture of my face and get out of my way!"

Now a poem.
Just because.

My husband likes to leave
his dirty socks on my floor
I might just heave
If I see them once more.

I find them all around
my living room floor
They sit in a smelly mound
that he once wore.

Maybe I'm a little crazy,
who can really tell?
He's not usually this lazy
Maybe it's just to hear me yell.

My daughter thinks they are
her own special treat.
She pulls them on her hands real far
then yanks them on her feet.

My husband isn't a lazy guy
I think it's just to make me a nut.
Take off the socks and let them fly
then giggle as Mo pulls them up to her butt.

The end.
I have laundry to do.
I will have to fight Morgan for those socks.
She wore them like that for nap time.
I'm so grossed out.
But I had to share.

Welcome to my world.

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