Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Funday...Not.

Quick review of my day so far. It's noon. The day needs to be over now. Here's why it's not going as well as it should:

It's supposed to be hot. Like 105 degrees hot.
Not just a little hot...
BUT this is like the sun has a fiery tongue that licks your face off.
So I decided to be brave and head out to the new Splash Pad near our house.

That's not my kid. Also, I didn't take the picture, but you get the idea. Lots of fun for free.
Except for the kids that don't like water.
Like Morgan.
Declan wasn't a fan either.
Evan had the time of his life.
At least I didn't pay for it.
I would love to go back, if I had an assistant that would chase Declan.
He ran away from the water.

Then I get home and decide to play "water-park" in our own backyard.
Declan loves this.
Morgan still hates water.

Morgan swings.

Or dances on swings? Not sure what's going on here...

Pouting after she was splashed accidentally. Not sure that lip could stick out any further.

What the diseased pool "water-park" looks like.

Declan. He loves to play in the pool.

ATTACK! That darn giraffe...he deserved to get his neck chomped on.

More splashing. Morgan was hiding.

Pretending he was in a pirate ship.

Scaring the crap out of me...he loves to do that.

Side note: Do NOT use those Swimmers to replace diapers. Just don't. Your child will poop in it, swim after pooping, thus creating a gigantic diarrhea mess in the swimmer. When you go to remove it, poop and the poop "juice" will slop and drip everywhere. Then the child will slip in it and poop slop will fly all over your kitchen floor, creating a bacterial hazard that will require bio hazard suits and bleach. After cleaning this, you will swear to warn all others about this darn hazard. Diapers have nice, Velcro tab things, making poop removal easy. Swimmers just slide off, so the poop will also slide with it. I'm so grossed out by just writing this. I'm sorry if you are too.

I discovered the other day that there were bee's going under our siding near the dryer vent.
This was in the backyard and I was worried about the kids.
I told Jalon about this 5 days ago.
LAST NIGHT, he decides it's time to take action.
Except, there are no exterminators available for a reasonable fee on a Sunday evening.
SO, like most men, decides to take action on his own.
Jalon vs. The Bee Hive.

Apparently, the bee's have created a Hive (in the basement wall) that resembles the Hilton in Hawaii.
And just as sleazy.
Gives me shivers just thinking about all those bugs crawling around in our walls.

Then he noticed they were flying around our basement.
After going all crazy with the bug swatter, he decided a couple cans of bug spray was required.

So he sprayed them.
And instead of killing them, just made them even more mad.

Now we have pissed off bee's taking over our basement, where my in-laws were sleeping.
My Father-in-law tried putting on his socks, where bee's have learned to hide, just to sting unsuspecting humans.
Who knows what else they are plotting at this very second.

I had to step in.
Called Jay at work, told him it was time.
Time to call the Orkin man...or whatever uniformed person kills bugs.

I will have to sell a small portion of my soul to be able to afford this, but if it removes the bugs, totally worth it.

But, my husband has already created some small "damages" during his killing spree.
Some sheetrock, the ceiling and my poor dryer had to be unplugged.
Despite what this picture looks like, the dryer is the only thing messed up.
 The rest of the room is supposed to look like that.

This is my laundry room. Not exactly the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but it gets the job done. Quit judging me. I didn't pick that wallpaper.
 It was designed by some weirdo, hopped up on crack in the 60's.
At least that's what I imagine when I look at it.

 I'm pretty sure I need that to be hooked up in order for this to work.

I can't do laundry today?
Darn it!

Guess I'll just HAVE to put my feet up, read some Harry Potter and eat ice cream.
Take your time Jalon...take your time.


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