Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday.

If I have to watch one more episode of Caillou....

Sorry. It's on TV right now and VERY distracting! I can hardly handle my own super whiny kids, let alone some annoying, oddly bald, 4 year old that's on TV.

Today is garage sale day. It's an official day that happens every Friday in my house.

Garage sales can happen between Thursdays and Sundays. But the day we go out is Friday. And we only go "out" if the garage sale is near our house and I can walk.

Today was a special day.

I found a hose reel for my husband for $5.

Aren't you excited?

That's not why it made it special. For him, sure. He's probably thrilled.

It's special because I found a magical toy that I had when I was a child and brought back some amazing memories.

See that house? It's a Fisher Price Little People Tudor style dollhouse from 1980. Isn't it pretty?
I let the kids look at it for a few minutes. Now it's hiding in my room.
I may play with it during their nap time.
They were fighting so I had to take it away.
I want to hoard it all for myself. 
I'll share it. Eventually.
But I don't really want to.

Look at the inside!
It's so pristine in it's oldness!
There's even WOOD PANELING!
I heart this house.
It's in great condition but didn't come with any accessories.
Which is fine since I only paid a $1!!
Yes. One whole dollar.
I'm a saver.
These are a little spendy on Ebay. I checked.

Aren't you jealous?
You should be.
I might allow you to come over and play with it.
If your nice to me.
But you have to bring your own people.
Otherwise we will just end up staring at it.
Which is what I plan on doing with the rest of my day.

I hope you're having a good Friday!
If mine gets any more exciting, I may need to take a nap.


  1. Oh my lord I had that same house when I was little, super cute. I have an aunt and uncle that still have the house, the airplane, the firehouse and all the accessories, I would love to have all of those for my children. I really dont think I could convience them to give those to me, especially because they just found out they are gonna be granparents, OH POOP, but what fun that little one will have when he/she is old enough to play with them.... I loved those toys! GREAT FIND!

    1. It's so much fun when you come across a hidden treasure from the past! I just couldn't pass it up. They are the best toys!

  2. OH Wow I had that too! Loved to set it up with the little plastic people and furniture I made out of pipe cleaners and those little pizza tables that every doll house in the world gets after a delivery from pizza hut.

    1. Holy crap! I had totally forgotten using those little tables from pizza hut. It took me the longest time to realize that they didn't actually put them in there just for my usage. I have about 800 pipe cleaners. I should probably put them to use and create something for the kids to use.


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