Friday, July 6, 2012

Come one, Come all! It's Friday at my Circus!

I'm a traveler at heart.
The rest of me hates it.
I am not a huge fan of airplanes.
I'm not an experimental eater...I stick to what I know.
And I usually have stomach/bowel issues during the time I'm away from home. probably didn't need to know that.

BUT I love the idea of seeing different places.
I've always wished I was a "traveler".
My poor husband.
He is a traveler. He also likes to swim in the ocean...don't get me started.
I hate the ocean. Pretty from far away, but I'm not touching it...not even in a boat/ship/whatever.
I just like to pretend.
That's when Google Earth comes in handy!

We explored so many places last night, without even leaving our couch! was so romantic...
We visited rare islands, or ones that we never heard of.
Explored the frozen north and wondered what it would be like to live in Alaska.
We even went to Forks, WA.
If I have to explain that one, please stop reading my blog...

Now I'm addicted.
I just returned from a trip to Easter Island.
It was beautiful.

I have discovered sugar ants in my home.
I'm now on a cleaning frenzy to kill each and every one of them.
I also created a poem of my hatred, while I've been cleaning.
I stopped cleaning so I could share it with you.
Then I got side-tracked from that, thanks to Google Earth.

Those ants have an easy take-over.

Sugar Ants, Sugar Ants
Where did I go wrong?
Your bodies are so tiny
my urge to kill you is so strong.

You have invaded my house
Made us feel so dirty
I'm going to suck you up in my vacuum
And make you feel so hurty.

I let my kids eat all over
so I'm mostly to blame
for this disgusting crime committed
I'm so full of bad-mom shame.

Sugar Ants, Oh Sugar Ants
All over you do roam
I'm not sure where to start
I may just bug-bomb my home.

I can't believe you are so small
I need my flashlight to see.
You are all over the place
Can't you just let me be?

My husband doesn't even care,
far away, working hard as can be.
I tried calling for help
He be ignoring me.

Sugar Ants, Sugar Ants
full of hate I am for you.
You came in here in full force
because my house is a filthy zoo.

I have 3 kids that are slobs
and their parents are too.
You probably thought "What the hell,
it has a nice view."

Please depart from here
you nasty itty-bitty ants.
Or I will bust out the poison
kill you and do my happy-dance.

Sugar Ants, Oh Sugar Ants,
Promise this to me,
You can eat all you want
and take my kids for free!

I should get back to killing them now. This poem was a small waste of time.

I also have 25 loads of laundry to finish today.
I waited too long because of my soreness and sunburn, now I have to play catch-up.
A few days ago I had tried but a spider lurked inside.
Last night I had Jay go with me to the basement.
He shook the laundry, I sorted it out.
He killed 4-5 spiders last night, 1 centipede and 1 earwig.

I hate basements.
I hate laundry.
I HATE bugs.

But I loooove that it's Friday!

Have a good one y'all.

Preferably one without the bugs....

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