Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I wanted to post something wonderful, meaningful and promising...but all that my brain can come up with right now is something like this:

Sunburn, sunburn, sunburn, sunburn, ouchie, ouch, sunburn, ouch, don't touch me, sunburn, ouch, sunburnsunburnsunburnsunburnsunburnouchouchouchouchouchouchieouchouchouchieouch.

It sucks.


It's all I can come up with.

And I need to put a bra on today since I will have to be seen in public. Crapcrapcrapcrapouch.

Maybe I can just duct tape my boobs in the front and not touch the back/shoulder area?
Imagine ripping that off...who needs nipples anymore, right?

So I'm sorry this isn't the best post.
I'm sorry I've been a slacker.
I hurt.
My shirt hurts.
But my kids will point, giggle and say "boobs" for a week if I don't wear one.

I can't even put aloe on right now just because touching it makes me vomit a little in my throat. I see stars of pain and get tunnel vision. I dance and squeal in pain when I have to touch it.

So much to do!
I need my brain to come up with more coherent thoughts other than OUCH.

Better go now. I'm going to sit on the couch and lean awkwardly so my back/shoulders don't touch anything. Looks weird but feels good. And I have a feeling that it may take me an hour to get the bra on and secure...so I better get started. Bring on the tears.

Wear sunscreen.
Wear it always.
Even if your not going outside...just put it on.
Slather it on.
Rub it in.
Pretend your frosting a cake and coat it all over.
Do it.
This has been a public service announcement.


  1. I physically cringed upon reading this... And... hear the words.. ouchouchouch... in a whimpery whisper as I read it.... Ouch!!! Skip the bra... Its not worth it :)

  2. I almost did skip it, but decided to modify my bra to be strapless and "barely there". It's just covering what it needs to for a short period of time.

    Tonight I'm going to attempt the vinegar method to see if that helps. My husband is getting sick of me whining.

  3. oh wow that looks rough! a free years ago fiancé and i were rocking matching lobster suits after the 4th of july and only survived thanks to the aloe in a spray bottle (no touching application) which we kept in the fridge between coats.

    best of luck to you in your recovery

  4. OUCH! And if the pain isn't enough there is the fact you're constantly chilly like that. Then you put on something warmer and it feels like you're baking in your own juices. Hope you feel better!


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