Monday, July 23, 2012

50 Things you never wanted to know about me but I'm going to tell you anway.

Longest blog title ever.

Matched with the most boring blog post ever.

Just for you.

I don't always share this information. My husband may be the only person that knows ALL of these. Some know a few. Some will not know any or care about them either. That's OK. I just want to get it out there so you understand how weird I really am. Or maybe how normal I am. Depends on who is reading this.

1. I don't like frosting. I tend to scrape it off of cakes and donuts. It's gross. Unless I make it. Then I can handle a tiny little bit. And if I eat a cupcake, I rip off the bottom half and put it on top to create a cupcake sandwich. Less mess that way.

2. I love reading Garfield books. The comics. I even laugh out loud. My husband knows this one and I have a feeling is slightly embarrassed by me.

3. I can't stand eating plain vanilla ice cream. Unless it's covered with chocolate sauce and candy.

4. Chocolate chip cookies are the best dessert in the entire world. Unless they are competing with Monster cookies. Then it's a tie. If you don't know what Monster cookies are, I feel so sorry for you. Come over and I'll make a batch for you.

5. Fall is my favorite season. Followed by winter. I like being chilly. Summer is fun, but I'm not liking the heat.

6. October is my favorite month. Mostly because it contains my birthday and Halloween.

7. Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. Followed closely by Christmas.

8. Any holiday that contains bag fulls of candy happens to be my favorite.

9. I love candy...or anything containing sugar. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

10. I actually like watching some cartoons with my kids. Phineas and Ferb is the best. Also, Charlie and Lola is cute.

11. I love movie nights at home with my kids and husband. They are the best. I'm a homebody. Plus, I don't have to shower.

12. I enjoy having parties and having friends/family over for them.

13. I get very nervous when I have to go to someone else's house.

14. I will also avoid situations where I may actually have to meet new people. I get too anxious meeting new people.

15. I go to the State Fair every year for the food. But not the unique food like everyone else. I like cotton candy, mini donuts and shaved ice.

16. I love, love, love to cook for other people. But I get really nervous when I have to eat someone else's food. Except for family. Not sure why...but I'm not very trusting.

17. I listen to country music when I'm cleaning. Or driving. But that's it. And I slow dance in my living room. Alone. My husband refuses to dance.

18. I don't watch movies or read books that have a chance of making me cry. I will only do happy endings.

19. I hate crying.

20. I am a messy person. I create clutter wherever I go.

21. I have tried a million hobbies and they don't usually stick. But I have a desire to learn new things and then get bored after I figure it out. Scrapbooking, knitting, decorating, painting, sewing, scrabble tile necklaces, beading, cake decorating, stained glass (still like that one), and running (also still like this).

22. I don't like eating apples plain. They need to be dipped in caramel or baked in a pie. It's the only fruit I have to force myself to eat.

23. Fall and winter are my favorites because they are cooler, but also because I'm a huge fan of hot dishes and chili.

24. I hoard books.

25. I love board games and cards. Except for monopoly. I refuse to play that game. My favorite is Apples to Apples and I will try to talk everyone into playing that one every time.

26. I suck at monopoly because I suck at managing money.

27. I also hate learning new games because I won't win. I'm not overly competitive, but I need to at least stand a chance in order for me to play.

28. I hate shopping because I don't like trying on clothes.

29. I am also not a fan of my body when I try on clothes.

30. I hate reaching the end of a book series and tend to get very emotional when it's over as if the characters were part of my life.

31. Which is why I re-read my favorites over and over again. I've read Harry Potter dozens of times and after finishing #7, I will go back and read #3 or #4 just so I can pretend it's not over yet.

32. I don't take painkillers after surgery because I hate that "drunk" feeling.

33. Which is a reason I don't drink. I'm a control freak and get very panicky.

34. I also don't look good naked, so I had to stop drinking too much.

35. I was just kidding about #34 Mom. I swear.

36. I have an obsession with stars. The kind I can decorate with. And apparently hearts. Since they are all over my house. And roosters...although that was more of an accident since I don't actually like roosters. Unless I'm eating it.

37. I don't like drinking anything that wasn't injected with some sort of caffeine. Seems like such a decaffeinated coffee. Who invented that? Idiot.

38. I refuse to kiss my husband after he eats peanut butter or liquorice. Ew. That breath is the worst.

39. I also won't share food or drinks with ANYONE. EVER. That's just icky.

40. I have movie star crushes on Colin Firth and Gerard Butler. It's the accents.

41. I'm a huge book snob and will physically harm you if you tell me how good 50 Shades of Grey was. Ick. Do not get me started. That rant could take me days to finish.

42. My favorite movie of all time is While You Were Sleeping. Although, all Harry Potter movies are right after that. I'm a sucker for comedy/romance movies.

43. I also am a sucker for romance novels. And happy endings. *sigh*

44. I love storms and had dreams of being a tornado chaser. I would even pretend I was one after I obtained my license and would go hunting for them during storms. I'm lucky I'm still alive.

45. I love sitcoms. Old ones, new ones...whatever. I can watch Friends, Roseanne, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who...over and over again.

46. I like running in actual races because of the stuff you get. T-shirts, medals, hats, socks...whatever. It's all so cool.

47. My play list for running is currently the Twilight soundtrack. But I also like Florence and The Machine.

48. When I write, I listen to film scores from Twilight series and the Harry Potter series.

49. When I retire, my dream is to buy and RV to travel the U.S. for the rest of my life. Just the U.S. I may fly across the ocean eventually. But there may need to be drugs involved.

50. I always believe I'm right. Don't even try to tell me I'm wrong. It won't work. Trust me.

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  1. I have a serious crush on Gerard Butler, too. Yes, his accent drives me nuts!


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