Saturday, July 14, 2012

Target is evil...but I love it.

Target is an evil place
filled with nonessential stuff
to put a smile on your face
you can't seem to get enough.

You may go slow and start out
with one tiny short list
a cart-free easy and quick route
a few items clenched tight in your fist

When out of the random blue
you see something shiny
Something brand-spanking new
now your arms are much too tiny.

You give up and grab the red cart
Because now you see
There's no escaping this dart
the bullseye you cannot flee.

It starts with some shorts and socks
then you see some sippy cups on sale
down more clearance aisles you walk
filling your cart without fail.

The list is now long gone and discarded
as you pile the crap inside so high
some candy and hair clips, you barely just started
I do believe I need this chocolate pie....

Before you know it
when you are finally through
(because nothing else will fit)
One pair of shorts turned into two.

$20 turned into $203
you cry your ashamed tears
from Target you now must flee
and maybe not visit for a few more years.

I do love me some Target though
it has all I need and more
I go twice a week when I'm feeling low
Into their registers my money does pour.

My husband hates when I visit this place
they even know my name
I spend and spend with rapid haste,
But it's not my fault, Target is to blame!

So if you have never been here
I suggest staying away forever.
Just stay at home, grab a beer
and think yourself clever.

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  1. LOL, this is SOOOOOOOO me!!! I say there needs to be meetings for my Target problem. My hubby hates it! I am gonna share this - it's super cute!


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