Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekend Update

I need to do a weekend update post! I didn't do it yesterday because I really needed to get that post out of my head.

Ever had moments like that? An idea or thought that made you feel as if your head would explode if you didn't get it out of there? Happens to me a lot.

Time to move on. Weekend update with pictures!

Ah, that's just awesome, isn't it?
Faces full of joy and happiness.
We went out shopping and ran a billion errands.
Drove Jalon up the wall, almost literally, with our chaos.
But what's life without a little chaos?
Those 3 in the backseat are pretty good at it, but I still love them like crazy.
I'm working on a living room update right now, which involves lots of painting.

This about sums up how good it's going...
How hard is it to NOT dump the can of paint on your hand?
At least it was just a wee bit.
Right now I imagine Jalon is probably freaking out due to the amount of very expensive paint I  dumped out.
I wiped it off and tried using what was saved, don't worry.
Then I licked my hand clean.
That way it didn't go to waste.
So there.
This next picture shows you how great I am at washing dishes.
Apparently, not EVERYTHING is dishwasher safe.
Even though it should be.
Or I should pay attention and read the bottom of the item.
Just make everything dishwasher safe, ok?
Thank you.

Although, my son thinks it looks pretty cool.
Accidental artwork.
Find the beauty in everything, right?
It's fundraiser season.
I need to get a job just to cover this portion of life.
I have 3 kids in school and 2 in dance.
The school fundraiser is doing buckets of cookie dough- delicious but we normally wouldn't participate due to the gluten.
BUT NOW, they offer a gluten free chocolate chip!
It's a 2lb tub for $16.
So I decided to order 3- 1 from each kid.
However, due to the fact that there's some sort of "game truck" that my kids really want to participate in and achieve some sort of prize, we would have to sell 10 items per kid.
Darn it.
So much for taking the easy way out.
Our Dance fundraiser is for popcorn to help cover the cost of costumes.
We are going to be spending a total of $260.00 just for costumes alone.
So if we get to eat popcorn, mixed with our tears over the cost of having children, then it's worth it.
Be ready.
If you are physically in my life and have a checkbook/wallet, my children will probably find you.
There's a security camera that my oldest is wanting to protect his room from his brother that lives in the same room.
18 buckets of cookie dough need to be sold for him to get that.
Totally worth it.
You know you need 18 buckets of cookie dough.
Comes with your own spoon and spare pair of elastic pants.

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  1. I don't envy my friends with kiddos this time of year - that awkward pause when they bring out the order form at social gatherings with a look on their face that reads "I'm so sorry but we need to sell 40 boxes of popcorn to get the wagon."

    Thankfully I really like popcorn, and that wagon is pretty boss. It gets me how early they start this now though - my friend has a not even 1 year old who is "selling" candles for her preschool/ daycare. That's nuts!

    Good luck with the cookie dough!


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